Homeopathic Medicine for Fissure

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Fissure in rectum with constipation.

Sharp, splinter like pain in rectum.

Sensation of constriction in anus.

Rectum feels torn, even after soft stool.

Tearing pain during stool.

Violent cutting pains after stool for hours, walks in agony.

The urine of Nit. Ac. is very characteristic. It is scanty, dark brown and strong smelling. The smell is that of horse’s urine.


Anal fissures, burns like fire.

Pain in rectum as if full of broken glass.

Rectum feels constricted.

Dry heat at anus and sudden knife-like stitches.

Burning pains before and after stools in rectum.

GRAPHITES 6, 12, 30

Anal fissures in persons who are susceptible to eczema.

Sharp cutting pains during stool, followed by constriction and aching for several hours.

Constipation. Stool large, knotty, united by mucus threads.

Fissure caused by large, hard stools.


Fissure. The leading indications are intolerable pain during and after stools and the oozing of a kind of moisture from the anus, leaving it constantly damp.

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