Homeopathic Remedies for Displacement of Uterus

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Displacement of Uterus

Any straining that is severe or prolonged or repeated, such as during constipation, vomiting, jumping, tight lacing, etc.—especially if soon after delivery, repeated use of purgatives, piles, etc. are liable to displace the uterus. The displacement may be forward, backward or to one side and may be inside the pelvic cavity. But in rare cases, the uterus comes out like an inverted pocket or can descend into and be seen through the vagina and is called prolapse uteri. Pain in lower abdomen, pain during easing one-self, leucorrhoea, scanty or profuse menstruation, Dysmenorrhoea, sterility, etc. are the consequences.


Sepia 12 (the principal remedy), Aur. Mur. Nat. 3x (trit.) Calc. Phosph. 12 (trit.), Bell 2x, Cimicifuga 1x, Ferrum Iod. 3x (trit.), Secale 6, Stannum 6.

The patient should be made to lie on her knees and chest, and by means of the ring and middle finger, the uterus should be gently put back into its natural position and a “pessary” applied to it, so as to prevent its falling back. The patient should avoid all the causes and lead a quiet life.

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