If it is attached to the surface by a narrow, elongated stalk, it is referred to as a polyp, which is an abnormal growth of tissue projecting from a mucous membrane.pedunculatedIt is referred to as “stalkless” if there isn’t one.sessilePolyps can occur anywhere in the body where mucous membranes are present, including the cervix, vocal folds, and small intestine. They are most frequently found in the colon, stomach, nose, sinus(es), urinary bladder, and uterus.


ALUMINA 30The strange constipation confirms the use of this remedy. – Polyp in the left nostril of the nose.

BERBERIS VULGARIS 30Vocal cord polyp: for treatment

CALCAREA CARB 200– It is a fantastic treatment for mucus-producing polyps that bleed easily, such as those in the nose, ear, bladder, and uterus.

CALCAREA IODIDE 3X— Helpful for ear and nose polyps

CALCAREA PHOS 30– A significant nasal polyp that extends to the brain

CHOLESTERINUM 30– Precancerous gall bladder polyps, a burning pain in the area of the liver, and general weakness

CONIUM MACULATUM 30– Uterine polyps that protrude when urinating. – Nose polyps that are bleeding.

FORMICA RUFA 30It is a successful treatment, especially for ear polyps, as it – Stops polyp development and reduces the size.

KALI BICH. 30– A polypus in the airways

KALIUM NITRICUM 30– Headache and heaviness of the head after eating, in the morning or in the evening, along with a polyp of the nose or elsewhere, especially on the right side.

LACHESIS 200-Left-sided polyp that is in excruciating pain and is air-sensitive

LEMNA MINOR 30-Reduces nasal obstruction by reducing swelling caused by nasal polyps, swollen mucous membranes, atrophic rhinitis, and fetid odor.

MERCURIUS SOL. 30-The right ear is typically affected by polyps, which block the ear and cause easy bleeding and hearing loss.

PHOSPHORUS 30– Handkerchief is constantly bloody, there is a nasal polyp, and I have a thirst for cold drinks.

SANGUINARIA CAN. 30– Nose obstruction, bleeding from the removal of crusts, laryngeal polyps, smarting and burning, and throat pain.

SANGUINARIA NITRICA 3X– A fantastic treatment for nasal polyps

SILICEA 6X-Patient shivering, nasal obstruction, inflamed nostrils, and septal perforation

TEUCRIUM MAR. CM-It is one of the best treatments for polyps of the nose, which usually disappear completely with three or four doses given back-to-back after a 15-day break. It also works wonders for polyps of the rectum and vagina, which are soft and jelly-like in consistency.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200– Uterine polyp with chronic tendonitis and middle ear polyp

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