Ringworm, also known as tinea, is not brought on by worms; rather, it is brought on by tiny organisms known as fungi called dermatophytes.

Causes-The fungus that causes ringworm develops on the skin, where it spreads out in rings with the possibility of clearing up the center and the development of new rings of infection at the edge of the old rings.

Personal hygiene is crucial in preventing the spread of ringworm. Dogs and cats can also be infected with ringworm, and they can pass it to people through direct contact. Ringworm of the scalp can spread from child to child when children share hats, combs, or brushes. Ringworm of the body can be spread on towels, clothing, or sports equipment.

Symptoms– Scalp ringworm: Red-ringed patch of tiny blisters or scaly skin, severe itching, dry, brittle hair, or patches of hair loss

The body can develop ringworm, which appears as a reddened patch of skin covered in tiny blisters or scaly skin.

If you experience severe scalp or skin itching, a scaly rash, red, ringed skin infection, or hair loss, speak with your practice nurse or doctor.


BACILLINUM 200-Ring worm head remedy is where treatment should begin. Do not take any other medications for 24 hours.

SULPHUR 20O– Retching, appetite loss, acid reflux, insomnia, cold feet, and a hot head, among other symptoms;

SEPIA 200-If Sulphur doesn’t work, try this instead. Ringworm on moustaches. Itching that isn’t relieved by scratching. Worse in open air and cold weather. Eruptions every spring.

TELLURIUM 30-Face-ringing otorrhea and a pungent, garlic-like body odor.

CHRYSAROBINUM 3XLegs, ears, and thighs are the areas most commonly affected by vesicular ringworm, which also causes crust formation and foul-smelling discharge.

APIS MEL. 1000– Itchy, burning ringworm that is relieved by cold treatments

CALCAREA CARB 30-People with a lot of ringworm tend to be pale and lymphatic, and their hands and feet tend to be cold and moist.

ARSENICUM ALB 30-Hair falling out in patches, skin that is dry and rough, ring worm on the scalp, general sluggishness, and an intermittent thirst all contribute to this condition.

KALI SULPH. 6X– Rinworm with numerous scales on the scalp or beard

RADIUM BROMIDE 30-Being undressed and in bed is worse than being outside in the open air.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON 30Ring worm lesions on children’s scalps that spread to their face, neck, and eyes ooze an unpleasant moisture and itch ferociously.

PSORINUM 200– Scratches that are so severe they bleed provide relief for concurrent symptoms of itching.

the affected area emits a foul odor

ARS SULP FLAVATUM 6– With whitish patches

*NATRUM MUR 200* A black substance with a strong itch

SYPHILINUM 1000– Symmetrical, with great neatness

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