Homeopathy Medicine for Hot Flashes Menopause

Hot flashes are sudden feelings of warmth that are typically most intense over the face, neck, and chest. Skin may blush or turn red during a hot flash, and if too much body heat is lost, a chilling sensation may follow.

Hot flashes can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, but menopause—the period when menstrual periods start to become erratic and eventually stop—is the most common cause of them.

There are several ways to treat hot flashes, and the frequency of their occurrence varies from woman to woman.


Hot flashes are a common symptom for many women, but the exact cause is unknown.


A hot flash may be accompanied by

  • Suddenly, your face and upper body start to feel warm.
  • a flushed look with blotchy red skin
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • sweat, mainly on the upper body
  • The hot flash subsides, leaving behind a chill.

The frequency, severity, and duration of hot flashes can all vary, as can the length of time that they last. Some women experience hot flashes for more than ten years.


Graphites :Very useful when hot flushing and sweats are frequently seen at night, when person has tendency toward skin problems with oozing cracked eruptions, and when person is very slow to become alert when waking up in the morning.

Lachesis mutus :Very helpful for easing menopausal hot flashes, especially when sweating eases the symptoms.

Sepia :When pelvic organs feel weak and sagging, there may be a craving for vinegar or sour foods, and the woman may feel drained and worn out, with an irritable detachment toward family members and a loss of interest in daily tasks, exercise, especially dancing, may brighten the woman’s mood and improve her energy.

Sulphur :Useful when person is mentally active (or even eccentric), inclined toward messy habits, and typically feels worse from warmth. Very helpful for hot flashes and flushing during menopause, when the woman awakens in the early morning hours and throws off the covers.

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