Shivalik Rheumacure Oil (100ml) – Promotes Flexibility, Mobility And Strength


A breakthrough in arthritis that strengthens, lubricates, and restores

Osteoarthritis, also known as arthritis, is a disease that affects the joints and is characterized by swelling, pain, and stiffness. Arthritis is one of the main problems that affects older people.

The function of the synovial fluid is to reduce friction in the joints, promoting flexibility & mobility, and due to reduction of synovial fluid there are many problems, but it can be treated using safe and natural Rheumacure. As a person ages, the surface layers of cartilage at the joints, which act as the shock-absorber and the lubricating synovial fluid, often degrade.

RHEUMACURE is a perfect combination of anti-inflammatory & pain-relieving herbs. It is considered as one of the best natural treatment for Arthritis or Osteoarthritis and as it helps to lubricate the joints, stimulate the rebuilding of degenerated cartilage, block the toxic enzymes that degrade the cartilage and strengthen the body’s natural repair mechanisms.: The best natural treatment for arthritis or osteoarthritis, RHEUMACURE is a potent blend of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herbs that lubricates the joints, encourages the regeneration of damaged cartilage, inhibits the toxic enzymes that break down the cartilage, and strengthens the body’s own repair mechanisms.

Joint Support from Rheumacure Triple-Action at its Finest

Rheumacure is a very effective Triple Action Formula that:

  • Effective anti-inflammatory herbs quickly alleviate burning pain, soreness, and discomfort.
  • By lubricating the joints and using time-tested natural nutrients, you can slowly restore and rebuild connective tissues, degenerated cartilage, and damaged joints.
  • accelerates healing by increasing blood flow to the inflammatory areas.

Rheumacure benefits include:

An exclusive blend of more than a dozen organic ingredients for joint health is included in Formula for Joints, which can:

  • Guard joints against deterioration brought on by aging
  • reduces inflammatory pain associated with arthritis
  • uphold wholesome joints
  • encourages strength, flexibility, and movement
  • assist connective tissue in staying healthy.

Rheumacure Oil and Capsules Work Best for Treating Arthritis.

Use it for at least three months for the best results. It is 100% safe and natural, GMP, ISO, HALAL, and HACCP certified.

BrandShivalik Herbals
Container TypeBottle Packing.
Shelf Life3 Years date for manufacturing.
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorOil
Price₹ 570

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