Ultra Healthcare Josh-on Oil For Stamina,power And Performance (50 Ml)


Vigora-M (Sandha Oil) is a traditional and authentic ayurvedic formulation for penis enlargement, longer performance, stronger and harder erection. Josh On Oil (also known as Sandha Oil) is a Penis Enlargement Oil 100% safe Ayurvedic formulation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs that are very beneficial for treating Penis size and erection problem.

Josh On Oil (also known as Sandha Oil) is designed to deliver testosterone directly to the penile tissues and cells, along with Vitamin E and other healing ayurvedic herbs, in order to help regenerate cells by reviving the neuro arterial synapses.

Josh On Oil, also referred to as magic oil for men, is used to treat a variety of penis-related conditions, including those involving penis thickness, size, and timing of ejaculation, as well as longer and harder erections.

How Sandha Oil (Josh On Oil) Functions:

The erectile chamber enlarges and expands as a result of Josh On Oil’s absorption into the bloodstream, which in turn causes an increase in the penis’ internal cavity and blood circulation.

A few drops of Vigora-M Penis Massage Oil should be placed on your hand and gently rubbed over the penis from shaft to tip. Avoid applying the oil to the opening as it may irritate it, and wait at least an hour before using cold water or being in a cold environment after using the oil.

Please be aware that applying oil to your penis may cause a burning sensation to last for two to three minutes. This is a normal reaction to the oil, however, and you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Course for Penis Enlargement:

  • a three-month course.
  • Using the right instruction, twice per day.
  • on the package are instructions
  • 3- to 4-inch growth in penis size.
  • Ayurveda is wholly pure.

Benefits of Josh On Oil:

  • size is expanded
  • produces erections that are larger, harder, and stronger.
  • boosts timing of sex.
  • improved libido and sex drive
  • greater ejaculations of force
  • strength is increased
  • Josh On Oil is a pure Ayurvedic product that is only intended for external use.

Key Components of Josh On Oil:

  • Withanolides, withaferins A, tropine, and cuscohygrine are some of the steroidal lactones and alkaloids found in ashwagandha.
  • Asparagine, arginine, tyrosine, and flavonoids like kampherol, quercetin, and rutin can all be found in the herb shatavari (Asparagus racemosus).
  • Phytosterol, alkaloids, pseudoephedrine, and ephedrine are all found in bala (Sida cordifolia).
  • Hydrocarolin, alkyl amines, pyrethrin, and anacyclin are all present in anacyclus.
  • Phenolic saponins, glycosides, flavanoids, and triterpenoids are present in Rakta Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus).
  • The neem plant (Azadirachta indica) contains tannins, quercetin, nimbin, nimbinene, and 6-desacetylnimbinene.
  • Myristicin, dihydro-disoeugenol, cyanidin, trimyristin, and ligans are all present in nutmeg (also known as javitr), which also has the ability to stimulate the nervous system and enhance blood flow and sexual behavior.
  • Hemachalol, cedreine, and sesqueterpine are all present in cedarwood (Devdaru), which is known for its calming and soothing effects.
  • Numerous studies have revealed that cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum verum) can lower blood sugar and harmful LDL, which is beneficial for maintaining the penile arteries that are necessary to cause erections (especially in people with diabetes). Cinnamon also stimulates hormone levels, increasing sperm count and testosterone levels.

Josh On Oil (Sanda Oil-Ayurvedic Massage Oil For Men) – 50ml Pack Each: Ayurvedic Massage Oil For Men – Sanda Oil – Josh On Oil – 50ml Pack

Quantity: One bottle pack

Josh On Oil (Sandha Oil ) Benefits: In just three months of use, size increases by 2-3 inches.

BrandUltra Healthcare
Container TypePlastic Bottle
Shelf Life18 Months
Remedy TypeOrganic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorOil
For Use ByMen / Male
Suitable ForVeg / Vegetarian
Price₹ 599

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