BHP Acidum Lacticum 1X(Q) Mother Tincture (60ml)

Acidum Lacticum **BHP

Lactic acid, also known as milk acid.

BHP Acidum Lacticum: Causes and Symptoms

  • Morning sickness is helped by lactic acid, particularly in women who are pale and anemic.
  • When the tongue is dry and there is ravenous hunger, lactic acid helps with stomach complaints as well.
  • Hot, acrid eructation is present, along with nausea and throat-burning burning in the stomach.
  • Additionally, rheumatoid arthritis pain in the joints, shoulders, wrists, and knees with significant weakness is alleviated by lactic acid.
  • Walking causes the entire body to tremble.
  • Breast issues benefit from the use of lactic acid.


  • Lacticum Acidum is useful in Vertigo: when stooping, rising, with heat, turning the head abruptly, and at night.
  • Additionally, it relieves head congestion while causing strong, painless neck vessel pulsations.
  • Lactic Acidum relieves a headache that is accompanied by a vertex fullness sensation.


  • It relieves the headache and fullness sensation in the eyes.
  • Eyes have a noticeable protrusion, dilated pupils, and a tired appearance.


  • Noise relieves those who are bothered and disturbed.
  • Lacticum Acidum can be detected by singing, snapping, and roaring in the left ear when you first wake up in the afternoon.


  • This remedy is required if you have morning nosebleeds.
  • Lactic Acidum is beneficial for severe coryza, runny nose, sneezing, thick mucus from the head to the throat, and a yellow, deathly sweet taste.


  • Having a throat plug feels uncomfortable.
  • Lactic Acidum relieves severe burning that is made worse by eructation in the throat, fauces, and esophagus.
  • Having trouble swallowing solids but having less trouble with liquids is a common complaint.


  • The burning from the stomach to the throat eructations of hot, acrid fluid are relieved.
  • It also helps with persistent nausea that lasts for days, including morning sickness, nausea that comes on suddenly or is accompanied by vomiting or water brash.

Anus and Stool

  • It soothes the throbbing anus pain.
  • When there is tenesmus and greenish yellow stools, lacticum acidum is prescribed.

urethral organs

  • Renal pain is frequently relieved by lactic acid.
  • Large amounts of urine are frequently desired, and trying to hold it in makes you hurt, which is a sign of lactic acid.

the male genitalia

  • It is recommended for bothersome morning erections, but coitioning is too painful due to severe loin pain.

feminine genitalia

  • Aching pain in the right ovary region that is made worse by exercise or brisk walking is relieved by lactic acid.
  • Menses: Scattered, seventeen days late, two days early, more voluminous than usual, lower back and tummy pain, itching of vulva during flow.
  • When checked nasal catarrh develops from leucorrhea, which dyes linen yellow, it can be helpful.
  • During pregnancy: Salivation, nauseousness, and vomiting in the morning; water brash better by breakfast.

breathing systems

  • It helps with complaints of hoarseness, larynx extension, and dryness and rawness.
  • Spasmodic, ringing cough that was brought on by throat irritation was alleviated by lacticum acidum.
  • Chest pain and discomfort on the left side.

Back and Neck

  • It eases pain that radiates into the shoulders from the small of the back.
  • lower back pain that gets worse when you’re moving around.


  • It is helpful for excruciating joint pain.
  • Lactic Acidum relieves sudden, throbbing pains in the joints and limbs.
  • All pains are made worse by movement, joints are swollen but not tender.


  • a feeling of weakness after exertion coupled with bone pain from rheumatism.
  • Additionally, it helps with debility and limb fatigue.


  • Skin that is rough and dry and does not perspire should use lactic acid.
  • Lacticum Acidum is indicated by red blotches or spots on different parts of the body, especially the thighs and lower extremities.
  • It soothes the burning and itching that the cold makes worse.

Acidum Lacticum B Jain side effects

  • Although there are no such side effects, it is still important to take each medication according to the instructions.

BHP Acidum Lacticum dosage guidelines and restrictions

  • Three times per day, mix five drops in a half cup of water.
  • The globules can also be used as medicine; take them as directed by your doctor, usually three times per day.
  • We advise you to use medical advice when taking.

Rules and Regulations

  • The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies varies depending on the conditions and should be used based on symptom similarity.

Essential Details

  • Use only after speaking to a licensed medical professional.
Brand BHP (Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy)
Container Type Glass Bottle
Shelf Life 5 Years From Date Of Manufacturing
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Mother Tincture
Potency 1X (Q) / Mother Tincture
Price ₹ 120

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