BHP Arsenic Album 1X(Q) Mother Tincture (30ml)

Album of diluted arsenic from BHP

BHP Arsenic Album (Dilution): Causes & Symptoms**

  • complaints that result from being exposed to the cold, from consuming ice or cold beverages, from using tobacco, from eating decayed food, and from a long list of diseases.
  • The red strand of the remedy is accompanied by a burning sensation with all complaints.
  • excessively anxious complaints, with fear at the forefront of each one.
  • a deep-seated insecurity about health-related problems that causes them to worry about their recovery
  • The Diluting Effect of the Arsenic Album


  • fear, agitation, and genuflecting.
  • He is restless as a result of the anxiety and moves around constantly.
  • unable to be alone; constantly seeks out company and human interaction.


  • Headache, fear of being alone, and nausea and vomiting.
  • Head heat that cold relieves.
  • Warmth and covering up alleviate all other complaints.


  • Wrapping one’s face in a cloth relieves complaints of sunken, cold, and burning facial swelling.
  • Emboli with foul discharge and icy body coldness.


  • burns and acrid discharges in the eyes.


  • nausea, bile vomiting, stomach burning, and unease.
  • illness brought on by bad food, hot, sour, or cold things.
  • Irritated complaints following a meal.
  • stomach aches accompanied by a milk craving


  • liver and spleen enlargement-related abdominal pains
  • Heat soothes burning discomfort.


  • Heart palpitations and breathing problems in smokers and tobacco chewers.
  • Morning heartbeat that is quick, neck pain, and occiput.


  • excessive worry and thoughts that interfere with sleep.
  • Fear and concern abound in dreams.


  • when urinating, burning pains.
  • Urine is bloody and contains clots, and the urge to urinate is frequently accompanied by straining.


  • diarrhea brought on by the passing of large amounts of stool repeatedly after eating food that was contaminated, unhealthy, or acidity-related.
  • Hemorrhoids that burn while passing stools, along with red, itchy skin around the anal area.


  • Females: extreme bleeding and profuse menstruation, along with ovarian burning.
  • Pain and fatigue result from minimal effort.


  • Joint swelling coupled with claims of weakness and throbbing pains.
  • heel ulcers, calf muscle cramps, and a feeling of weightiness.


  • The entire remedy is centered on the concepts of perfection, cleanliness, and neatness.
  • ongoing desire for water in tiny sips.
  • The patient will not tolerate any mistakes; he is constantly watchful and critical of others if they are not acting well.
  • Aggravation: Insufficient sleep, the cold, anxiety, and late-night eating.
  • Amelioration: warmth, clothing, and warm beverages.

Effects of diluted arsenic album

  • Although there are no such side effects, it is still important to take each medication according to the instructions.

dosage and guidelines for using diluted arsenic album

  • Three times per day, mix five drops in a half cup of water.
  • The globules can also be used as medicine; take them as directed by your doctor, usually three times per day.
  • We advise you to use medical advice when taking.

Arsenic Album Reactions and Interactions (Dilution)

  • After taking a homeopathic remedy called carbo veg, it should not be taken.

best results with

  • In cases of joint pain, it works well when combined with Rhus Tox homeopathic medicine.
  • After Thuja, is also a popular choice for treating joint pains that are brought on by joint stiffness.

Rules and Regulations

  • The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies varies depending on the conditions and should be used based on symptom similarity.

Essential Details

  • Use only after speaking to a licensed medical professional.
Brand BHP (Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy)
Container Type Glass Bottle
Shelf Life 5 Years From Date Of Manufacturing
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Mother Tincture
Potency 1X (Q) / Mother Tincture
Price ₹ 140

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