The uterine tubes, or salpinges, are two tiny tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus in a woman’s body.


The two most frequent causes of blockage are scar tissue and endometriosis. Scar tissue can develop after an infection in the tubes, which can irritate the lining and lead to the development of scar tissue as the infection heals. This thickens the inner wall of the tube and reduces its opening, causing the open area to become partially or completely blocked.

Endometriosis is a common condition in which endometrium, the tissue that lines the uterus, may proliferate outside of the organ; if endometriosis is mild, the fallopian tubes may not be blocked by this unusual tissue growth; if endometriosis is advanced, the fallopian tubes are almost certainly already blocked.

The skill of the surgeon is essential in limiting postoperative damage. Previous pelvic surgery may also be a contributing factor, particularly when the ovaries and fallopian tubes are involved.


When it comes to fallopian tubes blockage, homoeopathy has a number of effective medications available, but the choice depends on the individuality of the patient, taking into account the mechanistic and physiologic aspects of the illness.


Cimcifuga is regarded as one of the most effective medications for fallopian tube blockage brought on by endometriosis with pain during menses. Menses are profuse, dark, coagulated, scanty with backache, nervousness, irregular in timing, and there is severe pain across the pelvis from hip to hip. Pain across the pelvis to ovary to ovary or goes upwards or downwards along the thighs.


Another effective treatment for fallopian tube blockage is euponium, which clears obstruction from both sides of the tubes while also causing right ovarian burning and gushing leucorrhoea.


-Lachesis is another effective treatment for fallopian tube blockage, particularly on the left side. Menstruation is painful, black, scanty, lumpy, acrid, and viscous from the nose; the pain is worse on the first day; the patient wants to run around before menstruation; the left ovary is swollen, indurated, and painful; there is also copious leucorrhoea, which turns the linen green and makes the patient in

MERCRIUS SOL. 30-Mammae are painful on every menstrual period. Leucorrhoea is offensive, greenish, especially at night.


Pulsatilla is adapted to patients who are gentle, submissive, tearful disposition, patient is very emotional and wants company. Consolation alleviates all complaints. It is also found to be effective for fallopian tubes blockage due to inflammation of the tubes, severe pelvic pain due to inflammation during menses, attended with chills, restlessness, and tossing in bed.


Women who take Platina report marked pain during intercourse, as well as burning and soreness in the genital area, and increased sexual desire. Platina is effective for fallopian tubes blockage with pain during intercourse.


Achy pain in the hips and loins, a sensation of the hips being drawn together, a sense of weight and tension in the pelvis, and fallopian tube blockage with cutting pain along the tubes can all be treated with polygonum pun.


Sepia patient may complain of gripping, stitching, or clutching pains in the pelvis. Sepia woman experiences marked bearing down pains in the pelvis. Menstrual periods that are too late, scanty, irregular, early, and profuse, with sharp cutting pains. Violent stitches upward in the vagina from the uterus to umbilicus. Woman have a low sex drive. Sepia is effective for endometriosis.


Menses early, scanty, and painful. Menses painful on the first day. Awoken by menstrual pain. Menses copious and dark. Menses delayed by approximately eight days.


There is induration and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus and fallopian tubes. There is discharge of blood between two periods. There is leukorrhea instead of menses. There is an increase in menses with paroxysms of icy coldness over the entire body. Silicea is effective for fallopian tubes blockage caused by serum or pus in the tubes.


The cause may be uterine inflammation or endometriosis, and the symptoms may include bleeding between periods, colicky or cramping uterine pains, large clots passing along with the blood, and backache. Thlaspi bursa is effective in treating fallopian tube blockage.


When fallopian tube obstruction is present along with urination issues, tricium rep is prescribed.


When fallopian tubes become blocked because of scarring, adhesions, or strictures, thiosinaminum is a useful treatment because it breaks down the scar tissue and allows the fallopian tubes to function.

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