Homeopathic Medicine for Backache



RHUS TOX. 30, 200

The most important characteristic feature of R.T. is relief from continued motion and aggravation on beginning to move.

Backache caused by exposure to cold, getting wet when heated, swimming or sweating, over strain, over-exertion, over lifting, raising arms high to lift things, drinking ice-water.

Pains are worse when beginning to move, sitting, lying quietly and better by continued motion (walking about), lying on something hard, hard pressure, bending backward.

Pains in the back compel the patient to move constantly in bed.

Pains in shoulders and back with stiffness as from a sprain.

Stiffness in small of back.

Aching in small of back when lying quietly or sitting.

Lumbar pain after a strain.

Stiffness and lameness in sacrum.

Backache, as if back would break, better hard pressure, lying on something hard, moving about or bending backward.

BRYONIA 30, 200

The characteristic feature of Bryo. are exactly opposite of R.T. Aggravation from even the slightest motion and relief from absolute rest is the characteristic feature of Bryonia.

Stitches and stiffness in small of back.

Pain in small of back, worse walking or turning (motion).

Stitches in back or small of back.

Dull, aching pain in lumbar region.

Tearing pain with stiffness and tenderness of joints and muscles, in lumbar region, worse by motion and stooping or sitting and better by lying down.

Pain in lumbar region and sacral region, as if beaten.

Stitches in sacral region and back.

Bruised pain in small of back, making walking difficult.

Painful stiffness in small of back, not allowing the patient to stand erect.

Pressing, drawing pain in small of back and loins, making turning difficult.

Pain in small of back, worse by every motion.

CALC. CARB. 6, 30

Calc. C. is the chronic of Rhus Tox and often completes the cure started by the later. Like R.T. the pains of Calc. C. are better by continued walking and aggravated by lying or by rest.

Pain between shoulders a lower back.

Pain in back, as if sprained.

Intolerable pain in small of back, could hardly rise from a seat.

Drawing pain between shoulders.

Weakness of small of back.

Pain in the whole back, as if sprained, can hardly rise from a seat.

Painful stiffness of back, making motion difficult.

Lumbago with violent boring, burning, tearing pain, extending downward, with inclination to move.

Pressive pain in dorsal region.

Very severe sudden stitches in back, especially dorsal region.


The chief characteristic is a severe aching pain in the lumbar and sacral region.

The patient feels, as if his back is almost breaking and no position relieves.

Pain is worse when walking (Sep.)

It is a severe, continuous, dull aching in the lumbo-sacral region, affecting the sacrum and hips.

Backache during pregnancy, especially when worse from walking or stooping.

Weakness and lameness in back.

Pain in chest and scapulae, worse on inspiration.

Constant dull backache, walking almost impossible.

Hardly able to rise or stoop or to rise after sitting.

Severe dull pain across the hips and back, as if it would break.

Constant backache in sacrum and across the hips, worse by stooping forward and by walking.


Aching soreness, as if beaten in small of back.

Bruised pain in back. Intense aching pain in back.

Weakness in small of back.

Severe pain and bruised sensation in sacrum.


Back painful and stiff as a board.

Pain in small of back on motion, as if sprained.

Lumbago compelling the patient to move yet moving brings no relief.

Sprained pain in sacral region, worse moving, sitting.

Backache worse lying on back, better lying on side.


Bruised pain in back.

Pain in lumbar region, as if broken.

Painful stiffness of back.

Paralytic feeling in small of back, in morning on rising.

Backache better lying on something hard.


Tension and aching between the shoulder blades.

Burning, tearing, drawing, lancinating or bruised pains in back.

Pain in lumbar region, worse at night, when lying in bed.

Backache, must sit up to turn in bed.

Bruised or broken pain.

Pain in lumbar region from lifting.

Aching in lumbar region, as if breaking, the longer he lies the worse it gets.

Bruised pain below scapulae, sitting is painful.

Acute lumbago.

Sacral region as if lame.

Bruised and tearing pains in the back, worse morning, extending to hips.

Lumbar region feels bruised and lame, worse bending forward.

Drawing pain from small of back, extending to shoulders.

SEPIA 12, 30

Useful in backache due to uterine disease’s.

Pain in small of back with weakness when stooping. Pain suddenly strikes, as of a blow of hammer, worse stooping.

Severe pain in back across hips.

Stitches in back when coughing.

Weakness in small of back, when walking.

Backache relieved by pressing back against something hard.

Pain in lumbar region better when walking.


Violent stitches in middle of back.

Gnawing pain in back, as if from hot iron, as if hot iron were thrust through the lower vertebrae.

Pain along cord and paralytic weakness.

Back feels bandaged by a cord.

Pain as if bruised, in small of back and back, while at rest.

ARNICA 30, 200

Violent pain in back as from sudden rising after long stooping.

Extreme soreness of back.

Pain in lumber region.

Stitches in small of back when coughing, breathing deeply or walking.

Great sensitiveness of cervical vertebrae on pressure.

Right scapulae painful, as if beaten.

Small of back painful, as if beaten.

Pressive pain between the scapulae.

Pain in sacrum as after a blow or fall.

Violent pain in the spine, as after sudden rising up after long stooping.

Pain in the middle of spine when sitting.

Pain in lower cervical vertebrae on bending the heat.

Stitches in right side of back, from last ribs to axilla, at every inspiration.

KALI CARB. 6, 30

The most important symptom of this remedy is backache accompanied by great weakness and profuse sweating. Patient constantly speaks of his back as giving out. This is so bad while walking that he feels like lying down in street to obtain relief. Pain is relieved by rubbing.

Lumbar pain, as if lumbar is broken. Worse on moving, while sitting, standing, walking, rising from bed.

Sharp pain in lumbar region, extending to buttocks, chest, gluteal regions and hips, 3 a.m., better by pressure.

Lumbar pain, during menses, extending to buttocks, thighs, legs, worse standing, walking, better lying on back, stiffness between the shoulder blades.

Tearing pain in scapula.

Stinging pain in scapulae, when in motion.

Pain in small of back following of fall.

Sharp pain, pressing pain in small of back. Small of back feels weak.

Pains in back, waking him at 3 a.m. Compelling him to get up and walk about.

Backache, as if bruised or broken during rest.

Backache before and during menses.


One sided stiffness of back, from neck to sacrum. Intolerable pain in back on slightest motion or turning the part.

Contractive pain between the scapulae.


Pain in sacrum, cannot straighten himself.

Pain in coccyx while sitting, walking and touching.

Pain in small of back, especially in the morning.

Drawing pain in lumbar region, extending to arms.

Pain in back worse coughing, rising from sitting straightening up the back, during urinating. Pain in lumbar region while coughing:


Rheumatic pain in back.

Pain as from a fall or blow in back and coccyx, as if bruised.

Lumbago, worse morning before rising.

Bruised pain in sacrum when sitting after walking.

Bruised pain in coccyx, extending to sacrum, better on walking.

Pain in coccyx due to suppression of menses.

Pain in lumbar vertebrae.

Pain in spine, as if beaten.


Backache, worse morning in bed, before rising.

Pain in small of back, worse after coition, rising from a seat, turning in bed.

The back feels broken.


Burning and soreness between shoulders. Violent pain in back on rising after stooping.

Boring pain between scapulae.

Pain in back and limbs as if beaten.

Burning along the spine.


Pain in small of back, better when standing or walking, but severe when rising from a seat.


Pain in small of back, as after long stooping.

Stiffness and lameness across neck and shoulders, after getting wet.

Drawing pain in small of back.

CHINA 30, 200

Throbbing, shooting pain in the back.

Pain in small of back, as from a heavy load or after a long stooping. Intolerable pain in small of back, as from cramp or as if bruised or crushed, worse least motion.

Pain in small of back at night when lying on back.

Backache as from sitting bent for long time.

Pain in lumbar region, worse on slight motion.


Bruised pain from right scapulae to shoulder. Tearing in and between the scapulae.

Tearing in spine.

Pain in back as if beaten.

Stiffness in lower back on stooping.

Violent pain in small of back, worse when awaking.

Pain and numbness in the back during menses.


Pain between shoulders and along spine.

Pain in back just above hips.

Pain in back, now in sacrum, now in lumbar region.

Pain along spine.

Pain in back and sacrum while riding in a carriage.

Pain in small of back, as if bruised or broken, worse riding in a carriage.


Pain in lumbar region in hips and thighs.

Back feels broken.

Pain in small of back, as if it would break.

Cramp like pain in lumbar region.

Pain in back worse on coughing, motion.

Shooting and gnawing pain in spinal column.


Violent pain in small of back.

Stiffness and pain in back on rising from a seat.

Violent shooting pain in back between hips.

Pain in coccyx on rising.

Backache as from riding in a carriage for a long time.

Lameness in region of sacrum.

Bruised pain at night in the lumbar region and hips, also worse stooping and rising from a seat.

Tearing between and beneath scapulae.


Constant pain in small of back, worse motion, stooping, can hardly walk.

Does not walk erect, walks bent, from pain in the back.

Pain in coccyx, worse stooping and rising.


Small of back, as if bruised or beaten.

Pain in small of back, as if broken.

Weakness in back and loins with aching pains.

Pain in coccyx while urinating.

Pain in the lumbar region, as if the vertebrae were broken.

Bruised pain in loins.

CALC. PHOS 30, 200

Pain in small of back from least motion.

Numbness and lameness in sacrum.

Tearing, aching, shooting, pressive soreness in OS coccyx.

Pain in lumbar region when lifting or blowing the nose.

Backache, worse stormy weather.

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