Homeopathic Medicine for Urinary Diseases (Urination – burning, difficult dribbling, frequent, painful, retention)

Urinary Diseases
(Urination – burning, difficult dribbling, frequent, painful, retention)


It is so important remedy for urinary diseases that when a patient comes with any urinary complaint, commonly Cantharis comes to mind.

It is often indicated in these diseases more than any other remedy.

It is very helpful in burning, difficult dribbling, painful urination.

There is constant and violent urging to urinate.

Intolerable urging with great straining.

The urine is passed in drops with intense burning.

Violent burning, cutting pains in the neck of the bladder.

Intense burning in urethra. There is a feeling as if molten lead is passing through the urethra.

Retention of urine with cramp like pain in the bladder.

Urine pale-yellow or of a deep red color.

Emission of blood with urine.

There is usually an aching in the small of back.

APIS 6, 30

Apis is also very well-known remedy for urinary complaints.

The symptoms of scanty urine always leads one to consider whether Apis is or not the remedy.

Although there are some other remedies with the same symptoms.

The characteristic symptom for Apis in urinary complaints are scanty or suppressed urine, drowsiness, oedema in various parts, thirstlessness and suffocation on lying down.

Much straining before urination, but only few drops of hot urine come out with burning and scalding.

Burning and soreness when urinating.

Last drops bum and smart.

Frequent desire to urinate.

Burning during urination.

Burning and stinging in urethra.

Urine scanty and suppressed.

Urine scanty and bloody, THIRSTLESSNESS.

Retention of urine in newborn.

In difficult urination of children, Apis is often a useful remedy.


The keynote symptom of Merc. cor. is tenesmus (straining). The tenesmus is incessant and persistent, not relieved by passing urine.

Merc. Cor. has tenesmus of the bladder with intense burning but burning is less than Cantharis.

The most distressing symptom is constant urging to urinate, even a few spoonsful of urine in the bladder bringing on this urging, which is accompanied by the terrible distress at the neck of bladder.

Intense burning in urethra.

Urine hot, burning, bloody, scanty or suppressed.

Urine passed drop by drop, dribbling.


Nux Vomica is useful in urinary complaints when following symptoms are present—

Frequent urging to urinate.

Burning and tearing pain during urination.

The urine passes in drops.

Dribbling of urine or retention.

While urinating, itching in urethra and burning pain in neck of bladder.

Urine pale, later thick whitish, purulent, reddish and brick-dust sediment or mixed with tenacious mucus.


Sudden violent urging to urinate.

Desire to urinate without being able to pass a drop.

The urine when passed is hot and has a peculiar pungent foetid odor.

Smarting in urethra after urination.

Child afraid to urinate, screams before urinating (Sars.)


Frequent desire to urinate.

Burning in urethra during and after urination.

Urging after urination as if the bladder has not been emptied.

Burning in middle and back part of urethra, worse when not urinating.

Ineffectual urging to urinate in newly married women.


Retention of urine after surgical operations, after childbirth.

Burning in urethra when urinating after coition.

Urging to urinate but waits a long time before the urine passes.

Frequent ineffectual efforts to urinate.

After passing a few drops of urine, pain in the bladder.


Pain before urinating in young children by crying and screaming.

Very severe pain in back before urinating, which ceases when the urine flows.

Child cries before urinating (Bor., Sars.). Child awakes from sleep screaming and feels better after urinating.

Urging to urinate, must wait a long time before it passes.

Jerking, cutting in urethra after urinating.

Red sand in the urine.

Stitches in the neck of the bladder and anus at the same time.


Frequent scanty urination.

Burning during urination but mostly at the beginning of urination.

Urine emitted drop by drop.

Inability to pass all the urine.

Dribbling after urinating.

Has to strain to pass a few drops, then full stream flows.

Burning in urethra during urination.

Last drops of urine cause violent burning.


Spasmodic pain in bladder every morning at nearly same hour.

Constant desire to urinate.

Stream thinner than usual.

Itching and burning in urethra before and after micturition.

Urine foamy, greenish, turbid with odor of violets.


A very great characteristic of this remedy is burning pain, same as what is produced by the application of red pepper on the skin.

Constant desire to urinate.

Urine red or bloody, scanty which comes first in drops, then in spurts.

Urine scalds him and is passed drop by drop.

Violent burning, cutting pains in the neck of the bladder.

Urine passes in thin, divided stream.

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