Homeopathic Remedies for Sore-Throat



Catarrh, syphilis and strain on the voice are the usual cause of it. It starts as an inflammation of the back of the mouth (fauces), causing elongation of the uvula, enlargement of the tonsils, a tickling sensation in the throat, a constant desire to hawk and spit and in bad cases, difficulty in swallowing and even in breathing.


Acute sore-throat, temperature pretty high, pain on swallowing, throat congested, eye sparkling, face flushed, headache, Bell. 3x-30. Throat slightly swollen and painful, bluish-red, sore, foetid breath, Merc. Sol. 3. Sore-throat with high fever, Acon. 3x. Throat dry on waking up, a foreign body sensation in throat at the time of swallowing; throat red or bluish, outside of throat is slightly swollen, Lachesis 6. Uvula enlarged Calc. Phosph. 6x (trit.) 30 and Kali Mur 6x (trit.). Pain in the throat on swallowing; inflammation of soft palate; purulent discharge from (chronic) ulcer, Baryta Carb. 6. Sore throat due to hard use of voice, Arnica 3. Chronic sore throat, Calc. Phosph. 12x (trit.).

Try also—Ars. 6, Alumina 6, Phytolacca Ө—3. Dulcamara 6, Causticum 6, Hepar Sulphur 6, Nitric Acid 6, Sulphur 30, Rhus Tox. 6, Merc. Iod. 6x (trit.), Argent. Nitric. 6. It is as bad to expose the throat to cold as it is to keep the throat wrapped up to in flannel.

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