Homeopathic Remedies for Toothache


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Causes: — Caries or death and destruction of the enamel of the tooth, exposing the pulp of tooth to the action of cold or hot fluids or air and to the action of salt and sweet things on the dental nerves.


Plantago 3—Internally and Plantago Ө locally applied in every case. Pain on exposure to cold wind, relief on application of cold water, one sided affection, Aconite 3x. Foetid breath, constipation, carrious tooth, Kreosote 3. Stabbing pain in gums, throbbing at the root of few teeth, pain is migratory, Bell. 1. Due to catarrh; gums not swollen; on taking anything inside the mouth a pressure-sensation on the tooth which is atonce relieved spontaneously; aggravation on eating or drinking anything hot or getting into warm bed or in the afternoon, Puls. 30. Pain in the evening; tongue is coated white, Antim Crude 6. A feeling of elongation of the affected tooth, pain on pressing the tooth or on cold drinks and relief on taking, warm drinks, pain radiates to temples at night, Ars. 6. Neuralgic toothache, feeling of loosened and elongated tooth; swelling of gum and cheek; aggravation on taking warm drink or on getting into warm bed, Chamomilla 6. Pain and bleeding from gum; mouth dry but no thirst, pain on mastication, Carbo Veg. 12. Toothache due to worms or pregnancy Merc. 6. Pain around the face, radiating right upto ears—tearing or stabbing in character; aggravated at night, profuse salivation, Merc. 3x (trit.). Pain on exposure to air; feeling of elongation of teeth; pain severe on left side; feeling of cold in the teeth during eating, Sulphur 6. Due to abuse of mercury and attended with profuse salivation and bleeding from gums, Acid Nitric. 6. Pain in worn out teeth, aggravated by cold water, and pain radiating to sound teeth; Spigelia 3. Relief of pain on contact with cold water; Coffea 3x. Tooth blackened in part or wholly; sinus at the root of teeth, aching during menstrual period; pain is tearing or gnawing in character or stitching pain radiating up to ears; throbbing in the frontal region; root swollen and white looking, aggravation after cold drinks Staphysagria 3. Enamel is coated Calcarea fluor. 12 x (trit.). Aching on account of getting false tooth in the place of one extracted; Arnica 3x Staphysagria Ө or Calendula 0. Pain on exposure to cold wind or pain caused by working in water Calc. Carb. 6. Feeling of teeth becoming elongated or reduced: Rhus Tox. 3. Toothache following cough or alcoholic drinks: Nux Vomica 30. Pain unbearable; or health broken down China. 3. Feeling of looseness and elongation of teeth; increase of pain after smoking: Bryonia 3. Aggravation of pain while one sits quite Magnesia Carb. 6.

Try also—Nux Moschata 1x, Ignatia 6, Hyoscyamus 6, Hepar Sulphur 6, Magnesia Phosph. 3x (trit.) in hot water, Phosp. 6, Lachesis 6, Silicea 30, Dulcamara 3. In toothache due to exposure to cold winter wind; Aconite 3x, Bell. 3. Chamo 3. Due to exposure to moist wind during the rainy season: Dulcamara 6, Merc. 3, Nux Mosch. 2x. In toothache of rheumatics: Bryonia 3, Merc. 3 Ars. 6. Due to hollowing out of substance of tooth (as the result of caries): Kreosote 6, Merc. 3, Antim Crude 6, Silicea 30, Chamomilla 6, Euphorbia 3x. In neuralgic toothache: Chamomilla 6, Ars. 30, Plantago 0. Pain is aggravated on exposure to cold; Aconite 3x, Arsenic 30, Rhododendron 3x. Pain aggravated after hot drink or food Chamomilla 6, Bryo. 3, Antim Crude 6. Relief on warm application: Magnesia Phosph. 3x. (trit.)

It is wrong to neglect regular toilet on teeth, powdered chalk or the ash of burnt betel-nut or myrobalan, with or without powdered cinnamon as also camphor. It is wrong to use alum. If it is necessary to remove foreign substances caught between the teeth or gums, use wooden or similar soft tooth-picks. During acute attack of pain, relief may be obtained by putting in a drop of pure chloroform or spirit or Tinct. Iodine or Kreosote or Carbolic Acid or oil of cloves or peppermint. Get rid of dyspepsia if you want to keep your teeth sound.

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