Homeopathy Medicine for Osteoarthrosis


A middle aged or elderly patient complains of progressive pain in one of the several joints; there is limitation of movement and loss of function. Stiffness and grating are felt on movement when the joint is used or immediately after use, and is relieved by rest. There are no constitutional symptoms. The disease is likely to be OSTEOARTHROSIS.

No obvious risk factors are present for osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease.

Commonly, pain is felt in the hands, knees, or hips; it is worse in the evenings; it is made worse by movement; it is alleviated by rest; initially, the pains are intermittent but they become consistent in a particular joint; stiffness in the morning lasts for up to 30 minutes; stiffness after prolonged sitting; and so on.

There is a crepitus on movement, a sign of inflammation; the joint, especially the knee, is warm to the touch; there is erythema in small joints of the hands; and characteristic swelling is present with hard and bony joints, occasionally associated with effusion. It is also common to experience movement restrictions followed by muscle wasting around the affected joint.

Management and Treatment

Bryonia albaKnee is stiff and painful, muscles are sore and painful, mucous membranes are dry, and serous membranes are inflamed. Joints are painful, red, swollen, and hot, with stitches and tearing, and they hurt more when they are moved or touched. Every spot hurts when touched. Pains are relieved by lying down on the affected side.

Irritability of the mind and tissues permeates the treatment. Joints are stiff, red, and swollen, with stitching pains on the slightest touch. Better lying on the painful side. By pressure, rest, and cold things. Better from bandaging. By drawing knees up.

Kalium carbonicumSharp stitching pains, stabbing or catching pains felt in various parts of the body, joints, chest, muscles, and head; worse lying on the affected side; back stiff and has a paralytic feeling; with burning in the spine; lower back feels weak; and buttocks pain. is for weakness caused by all potassium salts, but kalium carbonicum has these symptoms more pronounced.

Rhus toxicodendronAilments are from over-straining, over-lifting, and getting wet while perspiring. It affects the fibrous tissues, joints, tendons, sheaths, etc., causing pain and stiffness. The pains are tearing shooting and stitching, worse at night; patient cannot rest in any one position and is restless.

Ruta graveolenshas bursitis, which makes it worse when walking outside, and cracking in the joints. Tendons are sore, and the Achilles tendon is inflamed. There is stiffness in the fingers and wrists.

Kalmia latifoliaDeltoid rheumatism, especially at night, pains from the hip to the knees, neuralgic pains that shift quickly and shoot outwards along the nerve, Kalmia latifolia pains that travel from above downwards, Bryonia alba pains that are made worse by motion

Ledum palustreRheumatism, which starts in the lower limbs and progresses upward, affects the fibrous tissue of small joints, ankles, tendons, heels, and skin. It causes cramps over the hip joint, joint cracking, worsening nighttime body temperature, sore heels that are difficult to walk on, and swollen, tender ankles that have recently been injured.

Manganum aceticumIt has chronic arthritis with infiltrared glistening joints, suppuration of the skin around the joint, shiny and red swelling of the joints, knee pain and itching, burning spots around the joint, inflammation of bones with nocturnal digging pains, growing pains, and weak ankles.

Osteoarthritic nosodeis produced from the synovial fluid of arthritic joints. Complaints are worse on the right side, and Achilles tendon pains are more severe. Pains are made worse by the first movement, at night, and are relieved by prolonged movement.


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