Homeopathy Medicine for Post-Polio Syndrome


The most common polio symptoms to recur are paralysis, muscle weakness, and muscle shrinkage. This condition is known as post-polio syndrome and occurs when polio symptoms recur or worsen years after the initial infection.


Gradually over time, post-polio syndrome sets in and manifests as symptoms like:

  • Persistent tiredness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Srinking muscles
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Sleep apnoea

Although it is rarely life-threatening, some people may experience breathing and swallowing issues that can cause serious issues. The symptoms typically develop very slowly, and treatment may help slow it down even more.


It is unclear what exactly the illness is.

Motor neurons, a type of nerve cell that transmits signals (electrical impulses) from the brain to the muscles, are particularly vulnerable to infection by the poliovirus when they are found in the spinal cord.

There are three fundamental parts to every neuron.

  • A cell body
  • an important axonal fiber
  • a large number of smaller dendritic fibers

The remaining motor neurons grow new fibers, and the remaining motor units enlarge to make up for the loss of many of these motor neurons caused by a polio infection.

Over time, this stress may become too much for the neuron to handle, resulting in the gradual deterioration of the sprouted fibers and, eventually, of the neuron itself. This encourages the recovery of our muscle use, but it also pushes the nerve cell body to nourish the additional fibers.


The possibility of getting post-polio syndrome can be impacted by a number of factors, including

  • Initial polio infection severity: The likelihood of developing post-polio syndrome symptoms and signs increases with initial polio infection severity.
  • Age at onset of initial illness-We are more likely to experience post-polio syndrome if we contracted polio as an adult or adolescent as opposed to as a child.
  • Recovery-The likelihood of developing post-polio syndrome appears to increase with our level of recovery from acute polio, possibly because a higher level of recovery places more stress on motor neurons.
  • Excessive physical activity-We run a higher risk of developing post-polio syndrome if we frequently exercise until we are exhausted or fatigued.


The patient’s complete medical history, including their mental, physical, and pathological conditions, will determine the course of their homeopathic treatment.

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