Pyrolyt Syrup – Herbal Antipyretic


The best antipyretic treatment is Pyrolyt syrup, which is made by Yamuna Pharmacy, and it lowers the high temperature (also known as Hyperpyrexia or Hyperthermia) that occurs during fevers with or without a particular medication regimen without causing other health problems.

Pyrolyt syrup: what is it?

A tasty herbal liquid to be consumed orally is pyrolyt syrup.

What are the benefits of Pyrolyt syrup?

Pyrolyt syrup lowers a fever by lysis, or the step-ladder method, rather than crisis, or a steep fall, which results in diaphoresis, diarrhea, and diuresis, among other side effects.

By adjusting the blood’s constitution and out-of-whack chemistry, Pyrolyt syrup improves blood quality by removing the toxins of bacteria and viruses from the blood.

What are the syrup Pyrolyt’s additional uses?

  • provides a febrifuge
  • when combined with specific anti-infective treatments, reduces the high temperature in cases of the flu, viral fevers, dengue, malaria, typhoid, chickengunya, pneummonia, smallpox, chickenpox, and other infectious fevers.
  • can be used to determine the type of fever while awaiting laboratory analysis of blood samples.
  • is effective against infectious hepatitis
  • possesses anti-oxidant properties and dissipates free radicals.

Pyrolyt syrup’s ingredients are what makes it up.

In a decoction of Chiraita, Parpat, Shunthi, Nagarmotha, and Giloya, among other plants, ammonium chloride, calcium, and cane vinegar are dissolved.

How much Pyrolyt syrup should I take?

One to two teaspoonfuls of pyrolyt syrup should be consumed with potable water four to five times per day.

What Pyrolyt syrup dosage is suggested for kids?

Children should take a half- to one-teaspoon dose of Pyrolyt syrup with potable water four to five times per day.

What does the Pyrolyt syrup supply pack look like?

100 ml and 200 ml PET bottles of Pyrolyt syrup are readily available.

BrandYamuna Pharmacy
Container TypePet Bottle
Shelf Life2 Years
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorSyrup
Price₹ 130

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