Sameerna Syrup – Antiemetic Anticolic Elixir


When taking analgesics, antibiotics, or chemotherapies, Sameerna syrup from Yamuna Pharmacy is the best taste sensation restorer. It has no side effects.

Which syrup is Sameerna?

A herbal sweet liquid for oral consumption called Sameerna syrup.

What are the benefits of Sameerna syrup?

Salivary gland and taste bud activity are both improved by Sameerna syrup, which restores tastefulness in the mouth.

The natural appetite-stimulating effects of Sameerna syrup help people think about food.

What additional purposes does syrup similar to this serve?

Similara syrup works to

  • prevents nausea and the feeling of a upcoming nausea
  • create a cholera-free environment in the digestive system’s intestines.
  • children’s mental and physical health is improved by controlling abdominal and renal colic.
  • improve urination by alkalinizing the urine and easing dysuria

The syrup Sameerna’s ingredients are.

Arq Saunf with syrup base is used to dissolve Nimbuksatva and Gandhakamla in Sameerna syrup.

How much Sameerna syrup should I take?

Three times a day, take three to four teaspoonfuls of Sameerna syrup with a glass of water.

How much Sameerna syrup should kids take daily?

Children should take one teaspoon of Sameerna syrup with potable water three times per day.

How much syrup Sameerna supply do you have?

PET bottles with a capacity of 200 ml are available for sameerna syrup.

BrandYamuna Pharmacy
Container TypePet Bottle
Shelf Life2 Years
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorSyrup
Price₹ 185

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