SBL Aethusa Cynapium LM 0/20 (20g) : Intolerance to milk, loose motion, vomiting, weakness, convulsions




LM 0/20


78 (gms)


3,8,3, and 8,9 centimeters

About Aethusa Cynapium

It is a treatment for restlessness, anxiety, and crying in children. Mental weakness linked to intolerance to milk leads to th. Anguish, crying, and expression of unease and discontent, there is incapacity to think with confusion of thoughts, inability to fix attention, weakness with sleepiness, and there is incapacity to think with weakness with sleepiness.


  • independent, solitary, and remote.
  • They appear to be experiencing strong internal emotions but have chosen to keep them to themselves.
  • has the impression that nobody truly comprehends them.
  • Unnaturally passionate care for animals and a great love for talking to and interacting with them.
  • illnesses with no obvious cause caused by minor emotional trauma or disappointment.
  • Fear: fear of being suffocated in the dark.
  • A fear of falling asleep.
  • the worry that one will not recover from surgery.
  • fear of being tested.
  • Strong sense of family attachment and concern over potential death.
  • Staphysagria, which speaks to itself while sleeping, talks.


  • a lack of strength and weight loss, particularly in children, caused primarily by nausea and diarrhea.
  • Especially in the summer, aggr. heat.
  • appears to discharge in severe vomiting and diarrhea.
  • violent jerking movements
  • desire the outdoors while sleeping.


  • vomiting milk after consuming curdled milk.
  • enormous weakness
  • shedding pounds.

Food and drinks

  • Desire: cheese, salty foods, and noxious foods.
  • Aversion: Milk, fruit, and fat.
  • Magnesium-carb milk.


  • mental strain-related pain


  • Hippocratic, with an expression of seriousness.
  • A wild expression appears as red flushes.
  • nose-tip eruptions (Causticum) that surround or are present.
  • infants have wrinkles.


  • violently throwing up, especially milk.
  • Child appears to be dying, throws up milk that has partially curdled, and is exhausted.


  • milk-related cramps
  • Colitis.
  • Following a meal, discomfort and aggravation.


  • especially after milk, diarrhea


  • sex desire to gradually decline and be controlled.


  • Vomiting exhausts you to sleep.
  • Startings throughout the night cause restless sleep.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

BrandSBL Dilutions
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorGlobule
Homeo FormsMillesimal LM Potency
PotencyLM 0/20
Price₹ 85

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