SBL Bio Combination 26 (25g) : Relieves Labor Pains for Easy Delivery, Lowers pain during pregnancy


Also known as

Biocomb No. 26, Biocomb No. 26, and BC 26



90 (gms)


4.5 cm by 4.5 cm by 7 cm

SBL Bio Combination 26

BC 26-Easy Parturition

Composition of SBL Bio Combination 26

  • – 3x Calcarea Phosphorica
  • Fluorescent Calcarea – 3x
  • 3x Kalium Phosphorum
  • 3x Magnesium Phosphoric Acid

Indications of SBL Bio Combination 26

  • eases delivery by easing the pain of labor.
  • It eases labor pains and encourages a simple delivery when taken throughout the entire pregnancy.
  • enhances the mother’s health and aids in the growth of the child.

Action of Biochemic medicine in SBL Bio Combination 26

Calcarea phosphorica – 3x It deals with the development of new tissues, blood and bones. It supplies new blood cells and forms calcium. During lactation with sexual excitement. Nymphomania, with aching, pressing, or weakness in uterine region.: Calcarea phosphorica – 3x It deals with the formation of calcium, supplies new blood cells, and deals with the growth of new tissues, blood, and bones. Nymphomania is characterized by uterine aches, pressing, or weakness. It occurs during lactation.

Calcarea fluorica – 3x It covers the lymphatic and connectives tissues of abdominal walls, It helps to preserves the body´s ability to contract, Bearing down painare relived with the help of it.: Calcarea fluorica – 3x It protects the connective and lymphatic tissues of the abdominal walls, preserving the body’s ability to contract, and relieving back pain.

Kalium phosphoricum – 3x It is indicated in Feeble and ineffectual labor pains.: Ineffective and feeble labor pains are treated with kalium phosphoricum, 3x.

Magnesia phosphorica – 3x It is an earthy constituent of muscles, nerves, brain, bones, teeth, blood cells. All pains that are constricted and spasmodic. It is indicated for inflammation in external parts, neuralgic pain in ovary, uterine regions and in labour pain.: Magnesia phosphorica – 3x is recommended for inflammation in external parts, neuralgic pain in ovary, uterine regions, and labor pain. It is an earthy component of muscles, nerves, brain, bones, teeth, and blood cells.

Dosage of SBL Bio Combination 26

Four tablets per day for adults, or four times every three hours.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Brand SBL
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Biocombination Tablet
Price ₹ 85

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