St. George Bach Flower Crab Apple (30ml) : The Cleansing Remedy, anxiety about cleanliness, Obsessive

Apple Crab

St. george Bach Flower Crab Apple

Hatred of oneself and a sense of filth

  • Having said or done something against one’s true nature, one feels hopeless, unclean, and disgust.
  • Feels dirty both inside and out.
  • embarrassed by one’s appearance and state of health.
  • if the medication doesn’t work, dejected (also see Gentian).
  • possesses petty ideas and is “bee irt bonnet”- and proud-house-minded.

The “cleansing remedy,” also known as Bach Flower Crab Apple, is recommended whenever there is a feeling of having been soiled, such as by disease, pollution, touching a dirty object, or dealing with infected material.

courtesy of Farokh J. Master’s Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone

Human Indication of Bach Flower Crab Apple

when you struggle to accept who you are or when you feel unclean.

Brand St. George’s
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Bach Flower Remedies
Price ₹ 150

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