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The patient should always partake of light digestive nourishing food, and of such drinks which are required to satisfy thirst but are not injurious to health.

In acute or febrile diseases the following diets and baths may be given

Pure cold water, barley-water, rice-water, thin oatmeal, gruel, whey, milk, preparations of arrowroot or sago with a little sugar or salts as the case may be. Ice-water is often injurious and increases the thirst.

Most kinds of ripe fruits, having no acidity, fresh or prepared by cooking should be eaten in moderation; such as ripe grapes, sweet apples, peas, peaches, respberries.

Sweet oranges when ripened may be allowed but sour and defective ones should always be avoided.

In case of colic, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, or croup, no fruit should be allowed.

Salt and sugar may be taken with great moderation.

The patient should not overload his stomach. Regularity in time of eating should strictly be observed.

Tobacco, if habituated should be used moderately.

Hot baths are strictly forbidden, but tepid and cold sponging bath is recommended daily in almost all cases, especially in fevers, scarlatina and after debility.

A warm foot-bath, with mastered, is beneficial in ordinary colds, headache in irregular and deficient menstruation.

A tepid sitting-bath is tranquillizer of the nervous system and a gentle stimulant to all the abdominal organs.

A tepid pack promotes perspirations, reduces fever, produces a general determination to the surface of the body.

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