Homeopathic Medicine for Measles


ACONITE 30, 200

It is the best remedy we have for the beginning of the measles. It is called for when there are—

Catarrh and high fever.

Redness of the conjunctivae.

Dry, barking cough.

Itching and burning of the skin.

Rough and miliary rash.

Restless, anxious.


It is useful in the beginning when there is—

Much chilliness.

The fever is a prominent symptom. High fever.

Chills and heat chase one another.

Watery discharge from the nose.

Hard, barking croupy cough.

Itching and redness of the skin.

Aching in limbs.

Severe occipital headache.

Complete thirstlessness or very little thirst.

Face dark red, swollen, besotted look.

Child is dizzy, drowsy, doesn’t want to be disturbed, desires to remain quiet.

It is followed by Pulsatilla.


Puls. may follow when Aconite has reduced the fever but leaves other symptoms untouched.

It is indicated when the catarrhal symptoms are prominent.

Eruptions slow in coming out or when fully out.

Coryza with much sneezing and profuse lachrymation.

The child sits up in bed to cough.

Mild fever. It is not the remedy if the fever is high.

If the fever is high do not give Puls. in the beginning.

If the fever is high give Aconite, Bryonia or Gelsemium according to the symptoms.

Puls. can be given as prophylactic remedy against measles epidemic. Puls. 30 once or twice a day for 8-10 days.

BRYONIA 30, 200

Bryo. should be given when the following symptoms are present—

Rash slow to appear.

Hard, dry cough.

Tearing pain in chest when coughing.

Little or no expectoration.

It is also indicated when the eruption suddenly disappears and cerebral symptoms with drowsiness appear.

The cough is dry and painful., there is soreness of the limbs and body, stitches in the chest etc.

Any motion causes child to scream with pain.

Mild delirium, “Wants to go home” when at home.


A wonderful remedy in measles. It is indicated when the following symptoms are present—

Profuse acrid excoriating lachrymation.

Profuse bland coryza.

The cough is very dry and hoarse.

Intense throbbing headache which is relieved on appearance on the eruptions.


It is indicated after Pulsatilla, which is suited for milder symptoms, while Kali Bi. for the more severe.

Measles with purulent discharge from eyes and ears.

Pustules developing on cornea.

Throat swollen and pains go from throat into the ears.

Catarrhal deafness.

The external auditory meatus greatly swollen.

Discharge of offensive pus from ears.

Violent stitching pains in the ears.

Loud rattling cough with retching and expectoration of tough, stringy mucus.

It comes in very well after Puls., when the patient develops more intense symptoms.

Measles associated with ear symptoms and swollen glands, especially call for Kali Bichromicum.


It is useful in black or hemorrhagic measles or retrocession of the eruptions.

There will be sinking of strength, diarrhea, delirium, restlessness and debility.

The stools are particularly offensive and exhausting.

It is prophylactic and curative and one of the best remedies to remove all sequel of the disease.


Rash bright red.

Skin dry and hot.

Hoarseness and dry cough, which fatigues the chest.

Sore throat.

Constant drowsy sleep or drowsiness.


It is useful when eruption does not come out properly or when it disappears suddenly.

The child is hot.

Face bright red.

Tosses about, cries as if frightened.

Convulsive movements.

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