Homeopathic Remedies for Hemicrania (Migraine, Sick-Headache)

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(Migraine, Sick-Headache)

It is a kind of aching of one half of the head, usually seen in those required to do much mental labour or having urinary diseases or faulty liver with irregular action of the bowels, rheumatism or depraved blood.


In affection of the right: —Prunus Spinosa 6, Sanguinaria 3-200, Platina 6, Puls. 6, Silicea 30. In those of left side Spigelia 3-30, Thuja 6-200. Where there is much pain from the beginning Gels. 1x-3, Iris 1x-30, Chionanthus Ө-2x, Sanguinaria Ө.

Other medicines recommended are: Duboisin 6x, Verat, Viride 3x, Ipecac. 30, Strychnine 30, Atropine 3x-30, Hyoscyamus, Hydro-brom. 6x (trit.), Cannabis Indica Ө-3x.

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