Homeopathic Remedies for Hysteria

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Correctly speaking this is a functional disorder of the nervous system. It has also a special affinity to uterus and ovaries. Formerly the general impression was and still is that Hysteria is due to or closely associated with the disorders of these female organs, but pathologically it is not at all correct. It is not exclusively a women’s disease; men may suffer as well, but it mainly occurs in females particularly at the age of puberty or early adult life. Hysteria is found very seldom in males. Emotional persons are its easy prey. Sudden emotion, excitement, annoyance, anxiety, grief, working in closed compound, want of pure air are the exciting causes. Heredity plays an important part. Some of the commonest symptoms are: apparent loss of consciousness, feeling of a ball passing from abdomen to the chest up to the brain; convulsive fits; headache; vomiting; distention of abdomen; suppression of urine; blocking of the passage for swallowing food; pain in the liver or abdomen; loss of power of speech or of eye-sight etc.


  • At the commencement of an attack—let her inhale Camphor or Moschus 9, or give Moschus Ó¨.
  • Patient is melancholic, restless, suffers from regular but excessive menses, or has suppressed menses: —Platina 6 or 30. These patients who are very communicative and arrogant, get benefit from
  • Ball rises from abdomen to neck; inability to swallow; convulsive fits; heat at the crown of head; eyes watery, melancholy alternates with gay mood; patient is not communicative—Ignatia 6 or 30.
  • Menses suppressed or painful— 6 Sabina 6, Cocculus 6.
  • Ball rises from stomach to throat; breathing is difficult, abdomen distended: —Asafoetida
  • Uterine disorders with mental restlessness and irritability; misanthropy; pain below left breast or in left side of chest: —Cimicifuga
  • Delirium during ‘fit’ and complaints are prominent after ‘fits’ pass off; hysterical flatulency, over-exciteable, changeable disposition and ideas: — Valeriana
  • Pain in throat or abdomen; excessive urination; husky voice; melancholia: —Causticum
  • Try—Belladonna 6, Nux Vomica 30, Nux Moschata 2x, Hyoscyamus 6, Aurum Met. 6, Tarantula 6. Zincum Phos. 3.
  • During the ‘fit’ loosen all tight clothings; remove all sharp instruments out of reach of the patient; prevent her doing bodily injury to herself. Above all, do not be unduly sympathetic in her presence. A hysteric person must not see another hysteric in a hysteric fit lest she should have the attack herself on the spot, the disease is so very sympathetic.
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