Homeopathic Remedies for Some Principal Ear-Troubles and Their Remedies

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Some Principal Ear-Troubles and Their Remedies

Acid Nitric 6—Racking noise during chewing, difficult hearing.

Antim. Crud 6—Moist eruption behind the ears. Baryta Carb. 6—Hard of hearing; inflammation of glands around the ears.

Belladonna 6—Inabiliy to hear high pitched notes. Calcarea Carb. 6—Purulent discharge, swelling of glands.

China 3—Various sounds heard during attack of tinnitus. Kali Bichrom. 6 or Hepar Sulph. 6—Sore-throat and stitching sensation in the ears.

Phytolacca 3x or Lachesis 6—Pain on swallowing.

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