Homeopathic Remedies for Tremor


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It may be confined to one limb or be universal but is never associated with loss of consciousness.


Agaricus ӨCommencing from head, passes down to hands (especially in old men.)

Agaricus 3—Tremors of all the four limbs; body is cold and blue.

Merc. Sol. 12-30—Tremors commence in fingers.

Ignatia 3—Tremors due to mental excitement.

Strain. 30 or Aconite 3—Tremors due to fear.

Antim. Tart. 6 or Nux. 1x—For drunkards.

Gelsemium 1x-3—In tremors of fingers or of whole body.

Cimicifuga 3—Inability to walk owing to the tremors.

Try also Hyoscyamus 2, Zinc Picricum 3x.

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