The psychological condition known as anxiety neurosis, also known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), is characterized by excessive, exaggerated worrying or fear about common concerns like money, family, work, or health.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms experienced in the body can include headaches, body aches, muscle tension, difficulty swallowing, trembling or twitching, sweating, gastrointestinal discomfort and nausea, diarrhea, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, feeling out of breath, hot flashes, and needing to use the restroom frequently.

Sometimes just getting through the day can cause or increase feelings of anxiety. This tendency to ruminate can last all day, interfering with school, work, or family, and causing sufferers to adopt a pessimistic attitude in which they always fear the worst. Excessive worrying – Behind GAD is worrying that is constant, chronic, and unfounded, experienced at a level of severity much greater than the anxiety most people have from time to time.

People with GAD may worry about daily activities in addition to other things like punctuality, conformity, and perfectionism, the latter of which causes them to feel so insecure about themselves that they need to redo tasks in order to reach their desired level of perfection.

Other symptoms that GAD sufferers may experience include being easily distracted and having trouble concentrating, which can be a precursor to feeling even more anxious. In addition to the physical symptoms and worrying that characterize GAD, other symptoms that sufferers may experience include being easily distracted and having a hard time focusing.

When coupled with fatigue or feeling exhausted from lack of quality sleep, it can increase the tendency to be moody or irritable. Operating at a high level of anxiety also makes those who suffer from GAD more prone to being on edge, and thus, more easily startled.


ThereThere are numerous homoeopathic medications that can be used to manage anxiety neurosis. Some significant medications are listed below.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM 30One of the most crucial medications for disorders associated with anxiety is this one.

The patient experiences multiple phobias, such as fear of darkness, evil, heights, tall buildings, passing certain places, etc., anticipatory anxiety, which causes diarrhea before any important event or function, intense apprehension and worry about trivial matters, and is very hurried in everything he does. All of this anxiety causes much brain activity, which can lead to anxiety disorders.

ARSENICUM ABLB 200-He is extremely tense and restless, and his anxiety is worse at night. He is also very cold, exact, and troubleshooting, and he keeps everything meticulously clean.

CALCAREA CARB 200-The patient believes he has done something wrong, feels uneasy and anxious, experiences palpitations, fears losing his sense of reason, is desperate for life, fears going insane, and repeatedly describes his ailments to others, which bores them. This is another successful remedy.

GELSEMIUM 200-Anxiety related to stage fright, stage fright, emotions, exciting news, upcoming exams and interviews, or stage fright is another important treatment for this condition.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 200–Extreme fear of performing in public and going to places where people are present. The patient dreads public appearances despite the fact that it is required by his profession. Anticipatory anxiety is noticeable, and there is a complete loss of self-confidence.

PHOSPHORUS 200-Patients who are extremely sensitive, restless, and anxious due to fears of the dark, thunder, being alone, or dying need security and constant reassurance.

PULSATILLA NIG. 30– Anxiety following negative news or an emotional upheaval; the patient is emotional, weepy, and in need of company.

SEPIA 20-Very sad. Cries when describing symptoms. Worries about the evening. Hates being by themselves. Ignores those they love the most.

The most common use of this medication is for generalized anxiety disorders, social phobias, and specific phobias. Patients taking Silicea 200 tend to be very anxious and timid and are afraid of stressful situations like public performances and exams, among others. They startle at the slightest sound out of nervousness. Marked anticipatory anxiety is an important characteristic of this medication.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200-Thuja is a very effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive neurosis. These patients frequently experience social phobia, which causes them to become anxious and twitch when approached by strangers.

SYPHILINUM 200–Marked fear of the night, the patient dreads the approach of night, there is intense anxiety and a constant feeling that he may go insane, and one important feature of Syphilinum patients is that they feel compelled to wash their hands repeatedly in order to relieve their anxiety.

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200-The patient, in such cases, repeatedly re-experiences the traumatic event in the mind and constantly broods over it. Sleep disturbances are a common occurrence have anxious dreams. Startling at the slightest noise, spells of intense anxiety, and trembling of extremities are other common occurrences. It’s a good drug for acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder that has been triggered by the sudden death of someone close.


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