Although it can start in any bone in the body, including the long bones that make up the arms and legs, bone cancer is a rare form of cancer that starts in a bone.

There are several different types of bone cancer, some of which primarily affect children and others of which primarily affect adults.

Those cancers are named for where they originated, such as breast cancer that has metastasized to the bone, and are not included in the term “bone cancer,” as they begin elsewhere in the body and spread (metastasize) to the bone.

While bone cancer is known to start as an error in a cell’s DNA, the exact cause of most bone cancers is unknown. These mutated cells continue to grow and divide instead of dying at a predetermined time, accumulating to form a mass (tumor) that can invade nearby structures or spread to other parts of the body.

Types of bone cancer

According to the type of cell from which the cancer first developed, there are various types of bone cancer, the most prevalent of which are:

Osteosarcoma.The bones of the leg or arm are the most common sites for osteosarcoma to develop in children and young adults.

Chondrosarcoma.In middle-aged and older adults, chondrosarcoma typically develops in the pelvis, legs, or arms. It starts in cartilage cells.

Ewing’s sarcoma.Ewing’s sarcoma’s origin in the bone is unknown, but in children and young adults, the pelvis, legs, or arms are the most common places for the tumors to appear.

Bone pain, swelling and tenderness in the vicinity of the affected area, broken bones, fatigue, and unintended weight loss are among the symptoms of bone cancer.


CARCINOSIN 1M –the use of this remedy to begin treatment

AURUM IODATUM 3X-A constant red, swollen, itchy, and burning sensation permeates the mucous membrane.

AURUM METALLICUM 30-The main sign of this treatment is nightly pain, which is relieved by being outside, and the patient is depressed and has suicidal thoughts. Cancer of the closed cavities of bones

CALCAREA FLOUR 12XThe outcome of this remedy is known after a few days, and then it should not be repeated too soon. – Osteosarcoma of the tibia bone of the leg, oophoritic tumors on the neck or back, and encysted tumors on the back of the wrist.

HECLA LAVA 3X-It restores the damaged tissues, bones, and surrounding areas in cases of bone sarcoma and is a very effective treatment.

PHOSPHORUS 30-Pain is reduced by using cold water to wash and increased by warm foods and beverages. Cancer recovers and returns to the same site.

PHYTOLACCA Q– After the same cancer has healed, it promotes the growth of fibrous and bony tissues.

SYMPHYTUM QCancer of the periosteum of the bones with bone irritation can be treated with it because it stimulates the growth of epithelium and aids in bone healing.

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