A meibomiam cyst, also known as a chalazion, is an enlargement of the meibomian gland, an oil-producing gland located in the eyelid. The word “chalazion” is derived from the Greek word “small lump,” and it refers to the clogged gland opening.

In contrast to styes, which are characterized by an infected eyelash follicle and frequently manifest as a red, itchy lump near the edge of the eyelid, internal hordeolums are styes that develop inside or beneath the eyelid.

A chalazia is a benign growth that sometimes develops when a stye doesn’t heal; it is larger than a stye, usually doesn’t hurt, and isn’t cancerous. Chalazia tend to develop farther from the edge of the eyelid than styes.


Some of the significant homoeopathic treatments for chalazion are listed below.

Staphysagria is one of the best homoeopathic remedies for recurrent styes and chalazion. It is prescribed when the chalazion are frequently found on eyelids near the angles of the eyes, particularly the inner angles, when the chalazion are accompanied by a feeling of heat in the eyeballs, when the margin of the lids itch, and when the eyes feel dry despite lachrymation.

CONIUM MACULATUM 200-Extremely hard chalazion, excessive lachrymation, photophobia are treated with conium maculatum.

CALCAREA FLOUR. 30When there is a propensity for the chalazion to recur and there are flickering and sparking before the eyes, calerea is the best treatment option.

PULSATILA nig. 200-Pulsatilla is prescribed for chalazion that exude thick yellow profuse bland discharging pus on pressure, there is itching and burning in the eyes, so the patient constantly rubs his eyes; there is dimness of vision with a sensation as though there were something covering the eyes which the patient wishes to remove; and there is swelling of the eyelids.

PLANTANUS OCCIDENTALIS 3X–It is indicated for both acute and old neglected cases, where the destruction of tissue occurred and cicatricial contraction caused noticeable deformity of the eyelid. Apply the mother tincture topically. Plantanus is thought to be an almost specific homoeopathic remedy for chlazion. It works best in children.

PLATINUM MET. 200Platinum is also the best treatment for chlazion. Patients with platinum have twitching eyelids, a constant contempt for others, and a changing mood.

SILICEA 200–Patients who require Silicea for chalazion frequently complain of being sensitive to light, especially daylight, which produces dazzling, sharp pain through their eyes, their eyes are tender to touch, and the complaints are worse when their eyes are closed. Chalazion is a condition in which the angles of the eyes are affected and there is swelling of the lachrymal duct.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 1000–The most effective treatment for chalazion is thuja when the discharge causes the eyelids to agglutinate at night. The eyelids feel heavy as lead, may be dry and scaly, and feel better when warmly covered.

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