Willmar Schwabe India Acid Benzoicum 200 CH (30ml)

75 (gms)


3 x 3 x 9 centimeters

About Acid Benzoicum

Name commonly used for benzoic acid

Effective for treating gouty and rheumatoid arthritis conditions that are related to urinary issues.

Rheumatism and gout are caused by suppressed gonorrhoea and syphillis. All the joints are affected, but mostly the knee. Pains go from left to right. Pains tearing, stitching in large joints, especially of the big toe. Pains suddenly change their location. Gouty concretions with nodosities in joints, due to deposition of uric acid. There are cracking sounds in the joints.

There is catarrh of the bladder after suppressed gonorrhoea, urine is dark, brown, scanty, and strongly scented, and there is excessive uric acid in the urine. Benzoicum Acidum is also useful in ganglion of the wrist and bunion of the great toe.

It produces and cures symptoms of a uric acid diathesis, with urine highly colored and very offensive, and gouty symptoms. Renal insufficiency. Child wants to be nursed in the arms, won’t lay down. Pains suddenly change their locality. Gouty and asthmatic.Mind.–Prone to dwell on unpleasant things in the past. Omits words in writing. Depr.


  • Fear of one’s health, or hypochondriasis.
  • Deeply disturbing events have a tendency to make people think about unpleasant things.
  • To be carried is what kids want.
  • propensity to think back on unpleasant memories.
  • When writing, leaves out words; depressed.


  • When Urine Has Sediment, Amel.
  • Heat. Amel.
  • Wine; movement; open air; and revealing.


  • Rheumatic symptoms alternate with pain.
  • tendency to fall sideways from vertigo.
  • Noises when swallowing, puffing around the ears caused by throbbing in the temporal arteries.
  • tongue ulceration, earcap swelling, and forehead perspiration.
  • Gums that are bleeding, bluish, and prickly. A constricted, puckered mouth.
  • Nasal bones hurt, and the septum itches.


  • Copper-colored spots, a defined redness of the cheeks, and red with small blisters.


  • ulcer-ridden, thick, and spongy tongue.
  • tongue inflammation, also known as glossitis.


  • eating, tooth pain, and tonsillitis.


  • Itching and watery elevations around the anus, stitches, and a constricted feeling are all possible symptoms.


  • White, watery, thin, and offensive.
  • Like soap suds or bowel movements, it is frothy, foul-smelling, liquid, and mostly windy.


  • While eating, you may sweat and feel pressure or a lump in your stomach.
  • a cut around the navel, and stitching around the liver


  • Urine: extremely offensive, dark, full of sediment, and resembling a horse’s mane.
  • Right side kidney stones are common.
  • insufficient kidney function.
  • Old men who have enuresis dribble disgusting urine.
  • uric acid in excess.
  • Vesical catarrh due to gonorrhea that has been suppressed. Cystitis


  • Laying on my right side at night, my chest was tender.
  • In the morning, I wake up hoarse, and my nighttime coughing fits get worse.
  • Green mucus expectoration, very tender chest, and pain near the heart.


  • Kidney issues are interspersed with heart issues brought on by rheumatism and suppressed gout.
  • Coldness in the sacrum, pressure on the spinal column, dull pain near the kidneys, and wine make the pain worse


  • Gout, arthritis, and/or offensive, thick urine that occasionally contains sediment.
  • Nodules caused by arthritis.
  • Right side, big toe, and knee affected by gout.
  • fingers in particular contract.
  • Motion-induced joint cracking, tendon Achillis pain, and stitch-repair tears.
  • Gouty deposits, extremely painful nodes, and rheumatic gout.
  • The wrist swells with a ganglion.
  • the knees are in pain and swollen.
  • great toe bunion; toe is in excruciating pain.


  • Knees, back, and hands cold, chills, cold sweat, and internal heat upon awakening.


  • Patches of redness and itching.


  • Worse, outdoors; by exposing.

Complementary Remedies

Lycopodium, Copaiva, and Colchicum

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

Brand Dr. Willmar Schwabe India
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Dilution
Potency 200 CH / 200CH
Price ₹ 105

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