Homeopathy Medicine for Infantile Diarrhoea


The patient is a child,developing sudden,at first yellow and offensive stool,then greenish and slimy stool,often mixed with undigested food.The condition is ACUTE CATARRHAL INFANTILE DIARRHOES.

TThe condition is ENTEROCOLITIS or INFLAMMATORY INFANTILE DIARRHEA, and the patient is a young child who complains of greenish, slimy stools with mucous and streaks of blood. There is a mild fever at first, along with abdominal distension in the colonic area.

The patient, a child, complains of watery, foul-smelling, green, mucus-containing stools that begin suddenly but sneakily. There may be vomiting, which is followed by dehydration, an increase in body temperature, prostration, and collapse. The condition is EPIDEMIC DIARRAH.

In the first year of a child’s life, the three conditions mentioned above are fairly typical.


Bad hygiene

Contaminated water

Summer heat

In many epidemics, no infection can be detected; it is then treated as a viral infection. Some infections are caused by organisms such as shiga,Flexener and Sonne, and B.COLI or Staphylococci.


1.a temperature of at least 102 degrees

2.Belly pain

3.Poop that is bloody or pussy or has black, white, or red skin



6.Dry mouth

7.Acting fussy or irritable

8.Unusual drowsiness or sluggishness



-Used to treat sudden, “green, watery, frequent stools” brought on by a chill or fear.

-There is suppressed perspiration


-Due to the hot weather, there is constant thirst and diarrhea.


-Usable for stools that are watery, greenish, and have an egg-like odor.

-The child is extremely cranky, rude, and irritable.


Useful for diarrhea and vomiting that is accompanied by diarrhea.

-Even the slightest activity causes a cold sweat to form on the forehead.


-Used to treat gastrointestinal pain following a meal

Useful for treating tenesmus after a bowel movement that causes anus burning.

-Bilious stools are forcibly ejected suddenly, most commonly in elderly people and in warm weather.

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