SBL Curoplus Ointment (25g) : Acne, Pimples, Skin Darkening, Dark Circles Below Eyes, Dry Skin


Also known as

Butter Plus Cure


component foundation



40 (gms)


12-by-2.7-by-2.7 millimeters

About SBL Curoplus Ointment

An extensive selection of top-quality homeopathic remedies, including generics, single remedies, bio-chemic/combinations, and specialties, are offered by SBL, a leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in India.

In collaboration with Laboratories Boiron of Lyon, France, the industry leader since 1932, SBL began operations in 1983 as Sharda Boiron Laboratories Ltd. Boiron provided assistance in the establishment of cutting-edge air-conditioned manufacturing facilities at Sahibabad as well as in the development of production and testing procedures that adhered to the highest standards.

Product Description

For an equal distribution of the medication to all parts of the gel and ointments, SBL’s gel and ointments are prepared in a unique homogenizer. These products have a rapid action, deep penetration, and superior absorption.

Rapid Assimilation

profound penetration


Simple to clean

The preparation of SBL’s ointments (pomades and gels) in a unique, high-efficiency homogenizer ensures that the medication is evenly distributed throughout the entire product.

To avoid leakage, tempering, and dryness of the ointment, it is packaged in an airtight sealed tube.


2% v/w of the medicinal plant calendula

2% v/w of Hamamelis virginica MT

MT 0.5% of Echincea Angustifolia in weight

MT 1.0% v/w Bellis Perennis

MT 1.0% v/w of Berberis Aquifolium

Cream Base With Stabilizer Q.S.

BrandSBL Cosmetics
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorOintment
Price₹ 90

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