Willmar Schwabe India Calciokind (10g) : Improve Calcium, Helps Development of Bones, Teeth and Growth of the Child



Perfect For

Baby & Children


60 (gms)


Measures 3.5 by 3.5 by 8 centimeters

About Willmar Schwabe India Calciokind

helps calcium be absorbed, used, and maintained.

  • Make sure calcium is metabolized properly.
  • helps to reduce muscle aches and bone pain.
  • strengthens teeth and has an impact on bone development
  • increases immunity and defenses


  • Hahnemann’s calcarea 3 times, 20 mg
  • 3 times 20 mg of calcium fluoride
  • three 20 mg doses of calcea phosphorica
  • 4 times 20 mg of iodized sulfur
  • Activator Q.S.


It can be taken orally, twice a day, two tablets, unless a doctor has prescribed otherwise.

Side effects

Calciokind is not known to have any negative effects.


It is unknown whether Calciokind has any contraindications.


Calciokind and other products do not appear to interact with one another.

Brand Dr. Willmar Schwabe India
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Form Factor Tablet
For Use By Baby
Price ₹ 115

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