Thyroid symptoms may be cause of sudden changes in body

Thyroid symptoms may be cause of sudden changes in body : The patients of thyroid, a disease called silent killer, are increasing rapidly all over the world. Due to unbalanced diet and neglect of the body, this disease has increased because the symptoms of thyroid are not understood quickly. Generally, thyroid problem is seen more in women than men. This is because there is more hormonal instability in women due to many reasons other than periods, which causes thyroid symptoms.

Thyroid is considered by many to be the ‘silent killer’, because thyroid symptoms are not visible for a long time. Today, we are telling you important things about this disease which you should not ignore.

More women than men have this disease

There are two types of thyroids, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland is made up of the lower part of the neck i.e., above the windpipe in two parts. This gland makes thyroxine hormone, which controls the sensitivity of other hormones in the body. The risk of thyroid disease increases with age. Symptoms of thyroid in women can look like this.

Sudden weight gain

Thyroid symptoms in women appear sooner than in men. Due to thyroid, the speed of metabolism in women is reduced. This means that the food they eat is not being used properly for their energy needs. Due to this, the accumulation of fat in your body and weight gain starts. When thyroid is underactive, the body does not get enough energy. Due to which there is constant tiredness and sleeplessness. Even after any light physical activity, a person feels very tired. People with hyperthyroidism experience joint and muscle pain. Especially in the hands and feet.

Symptoms of thyroid are also seen in eyes, nails and hair

Our eyes, nails and hair also give us signals in this disease. Nails start getting thin and dry. This causes cracks in the nails, they break quickly. Apart from this, white spots also start appearing in the nails. Many women sufferings from this disease also have eye diseases, such as red eyes, itching, swelling in the eyes etc. Many women begin with excessive retention of water and other body fluids, which shows up as mild swelling in the hands and feet. The ring and bangles are also lightly tightened.

Changes in sexual life are also symptoms of thyroid

It also affects the sex life of some women, affected by thyroid. They are not interested in it. The problem gets worse when their hatred of sexual activity increases. An underactive thyroid gland often causes changes in the voice of women as well. Her voice becomes heavier and harsher than before. There is a feeling of heaviness in the voice.

Weakening of body immunity

The immune system of the body weakens when there is a thyroid. Due to the weakening of the immune system, many diseases attack together. A woman suffering from thyroid problems often becomes lethargic. Energy starts running out in her body. Due to all this, the woman starts living in depression. Her mind is not engaged in any work, the power of thinking and understanding of the mind becomes weak. Memory also becomes weak.

Irregular periods can be thyroid symptoms

In fact, the problem of irregular periods in women is common. But this problem increases very much in women affected by thyroid. Apart from this, periods can be heavy or very few. In many cases, the problem of excessive bleeding starts during periods. Thyroid disease is diagnosed by a blood test. Doctors recommend thyroid ultrasound to those women in whom these types of symptoms are found. If you also have these problems, then consult a doctor and get proper treatment.

Chest Pain

If you have thyroid, it can affect the heartbeat. This irregularity in the heartbeat can cause severe pain in the chest.

Intolerant of cold or heat

When we have thyroid, the effect of weather becomes more visible on our body. In hypothyroidism, the body neither tolerates too much cold nor too much heat. If this happens to you as well, get checked immediately.

Loss of memory is also included in the symptoms of thyroid

Memory power and thinking ability are also affected due to thyroid. Memory may be weak and the nature of the person may also become irritable.

Other symptoms

Apart from this, symptoms of thyroid include abdominal distension, joint pain, weight gain or loss, muscle weakness, swelling of eyes and face.

Thyroid Surgery

Sometimes surgery is used to remove lumps etc. in the thyroid gland. Surgery becomes necessary when there is a possibility of cancer. In such cases, the entire thyroid gland is also removed and the patient has to spend the rest of her life on thyroid pills.


If you see any of the above symptoms or feel any sudden changes in your body, then without delay, see a doctor and get a thyroid test done. The sooner you get to know about this disease, easily it can be treated. If you have any questions regarding your problem, please do not forget to consult your doctor.

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