Homeopathic Medicine for Colic (Abdominal Pain)

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Colic (Abdominal Pain)


The colic of Colocynth is terrible and is only bearable by bending double or pressing hard against the abdomen, lying on the abdomen.

This doubling up is the chief characteristic of this remedy.

It is a colic caused by flatus, undigested food or exposure to cold, violent emotions, such as a fit of anger, suppression of menses.

Violent cramping, cutting, twisting pains about navel.

From navel pains spread upwards over the whole abdomen.

Sensation as if the intestines were squeezed between stones and would burst.

Abdomen greatly distended.

Pains come in intermittent attacks.

The patient twists and turns to get relief from abdominal colic. Patient is hardly able to stand straight. Colic may be accompanied with diarrheas and dysentery.

Eating ever so little brings on colic, urging for stool.

Pains are better by bending double, hard pressure, lying on abdomen, passing flatus, stool after (but temporary, sharp pain soon return and last till another stool).


Puls. is useful in colic caused by eating fruits, ice-cream, pastries, fats rich food.

Pain in the stomach an hour after a meal.

There is also a sensation of weight as from a stone in the stomach, especially about an hour after eating.

There is flatulence in the abdomen which compels the patient to bend forward as in colocynth, which relieves the pain. Rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.

There may be nausea. Nausea may end in vomiting. This vomiting is bilious matter. Therefore, the vomiting is green.

There is chilliness.

Chilliness accompanied with colic is the characteristic symptom of Pulsatilla.

Flatulent, colic, worse in the evening, after eating, at night.

Pains are worse when sitting or lying and relieved by walking.


  1. V. is useful in colic from indigestion.

Colic from over eating, from coffee.

Gastric and abdominal disturbances do not commence immediately after eating but come on half an hour or so after meals.

After eating food seems to lie like a heavy stone in the stomach.

Abdomen enormously distended.

Cutting and twisting pain about navel.

Rumbling in the abdomen.

Pressure as from stone in stomach.

Flatulence causing pain here and there in abdomen.

Frequent ineffectual desire for stool after evacuation. Sensation after stool as if some stool remained behind.


Great distention of abdomen.

Violent cramping and pressing pain.

Pains come on suddenly and disappear just as suddenly.

Tenderness to slight pressure, but relieved by hard pressure across the abdomen. Standing and walking aggravates the pain. Pain relieved by bending backward.

Sometime it is relieved by bending forward, also lying on abdomen.

Tenderness of the abdomen, aggravated by least jar when walking or stopping, or even the bed or hair up on which he sits or lies.

Abdomen sensitive to touch. The sensitiveness is so acute that the patient can hardly bear the bed cover and pressure of cloth.


Cham. suits especially colic in women and children.

Colic from anger, brought on by the slightest contradiction.

It is also useful in gastralgia.

The whole abdomen is distended like a drum and sensitive to touch.

Flatulence accumulates in the hypochondria (The sides of the abdomen under the lower ribs).

Griping in region of navel and lower down on both sides.

Colic returns from time to time.

Flatus passed in small quantities without relief.

Relief by applying warmth.

BRYONIA 30, 200

It is useful in colic caused by cold drinks when heated.

Tearing, cramping, cutting, drawing, dragging pain, as if abdomen would burst.

Abdomen distended.

Violent pain compelling the patient to bend double.

Pain worse from pressure (everywhere else Bry. has relief from pressure, but not in stomach or abdomen).

Better lying on abdomen, stool (diarrhea) after.


Cramping pain in abdomen.

Pain around navel and from there radiating to both the sides towards the back.

Pain is better by bending double, pressure with hand, external warmth.


Cramping, cutting, twisting pain in abdomen. Pain suddenly shift to different parts, appear, in remote localities — chest, back, arms, fingers etc.

Discharge of offensive flatus.

Pains are relieved by stretching the body out rather than by bending double (opp. of Colocynth).

Rumbling in abdomen and passing large quantities of flatus.

CHINA 6, 30

It is useful in flatulent colic.

Due to indigestion the food eaten turned into gas.

Fermentation in abdomen after eating fruits.

Tympanitic distention of the abdomen.

Abdomen feels packed, full especially after a meal.

Loud rumbling in abdomen.

Pain worse after eating and at night.

Emission of large quantities of offensive flatus, but no relief from it.

Pain relieved by bending double.

CARBO VEG. 6, 30

Great accumulation of flatus in stomach.

All foods turn into flatus.

Colic from flatulence.

Cramp in stomach.

Colic better from belching and passing flatus.


Abdomen distended with flatus.

Flatulent colic about mid-night.

Great rumbling in intestine.

Passing flatus, but without relief.

Pain worse after eating.

Relieved by lying in one side or the other, lies on first one side and then the other for relief.

Useful in flatulent colic in pregnancy.


Extremely violent pain.

Pain from navel region, radiates to all parts of the body.

The abdomen is as hard as stone.

Abdominal walls drawn by a string to spine.

Abdomen sensitive to touch.

Colic is always accompanied by obstinate constipation, but there is flatulence.

Stools hard and scanty, like balls.

Pain better from rubbing and hard pressure.

At times colic is so violent, patient is almost wild and tosses about in bed, presses fists into abdomen.


Flatulent colic.

Rumbling, gurgling in the abdomen.

Dragging towards pelvis.

Contractive, pinching pain in right iliac region.

Cutting, griping pain, pressing pain followed by thin green stools.

Pain better by-passing flatus, bending double.

Excessive distention and tightness of abdomen with sensation of heaviness.


Flatulence immediately after eating.

Abdomen feels full, bloated distended immediately after eating.

After each meal pressure in the abdomen.

Rumbling in abdomen.

Cannot bear weight or pressure of clothes, must loosen clothing at waist.

Cramping, cutting, pressing, tearing pain in abdomen after eating.

Worse between 4 to 8 p.m.

Better by-passing flatus.

OPIUM 6, 30

Abdomen hard, bloated, tympanitic and sensitive to touch.

Pressive pain in abdomen, as if intestines would be cut to pieces.

Flatulence accumulates in upper portion of the bowels causing abdominal distention.

Accumulation of much flatus with rumbling in abdomen.

Great deal of belching without relief.

Constant urging to stool and urine.

Painter’s colic.


Abdomen distended from flatus.

Flatulence causing bursting sensation in abdomen.

Loud explosive belching.

Sharp pain, griping, cutting pain in abdomen.


Cramp like colic around navel.

Colic with stitches from both sides through the abdomen.

Cutting, pinching pain above and below the navel.

Colic aggravated by slightest motion as touch and when lying on the right side.

Relieved by bending double, hard pressure slightest motion.

Colic in children, better carrying them on shoulder.


Severe pain in stomach.

Stitching in abdomen.

Violent cutting in intestine

Violent cutting pain with distention of abdomen.

Tremendous flatulence.

Better by bending forward and hard pressure.

Useful when Colo. only relieves temporarily.


Colic after taking cold.

Abdomen hot, tense, tympanitic.

Sensitive to touch.

Worse pressure, lying on right side.

Better from warm soup.


Colic caused by ice-water, cold drinks, ice-cream, bad sauces, cheese, lead poisoning.

Abdomen swollen and painful.

Violent pain in abdomen with great restlessness, has no rest anywhere.

Violent cutting or spasmodic, tearing, gnawing pains.

Pain about the navel, causing him to bend forward.

Burning along with pains, better by heat.

ALOE 6, 30

Colic, especially in elderly people.

Intense griping pains across the lower portion of abdomen with a preference for right side.

Abdomen feels full, heavy, hot, bloated.

Pulsating pain around navel.

Great accumulation of flatus, pressing downwards, causing distress in lower bowels.

Colic before and during stool.

Pain from navel extending to rectum.

Twisting, cramping pain, must sit bent forward.

Distention of the abdomen, flatus moving about, worse after eating. Pain better by-passing flatus.


Cramping pains in abdomen after anger.

Severe pain following on abdominal operation.

Griping pain, twisting pressure in the abdomen.


Colic after a cold, from fruits, vegetables.

Colic forcing patient to bend double.

Abdomen swollen, sensitive to pressure.

Burning, twisting, cutting pains with nausea and vomiting.

Colic and diarrhea from drinking water.

Cutting pain, as if bowels were twisted in knots.

Pain worse after eating and better after stool.


Colic immediately after eating.

Griping, digging, cramping pains in the lower abdomen.

Pain below navel, as if the intestines were torned.

Burning pains, radiating throughout abdomen.

Incarcerated flatus, must loosen clothing.

Pain of gas opposite the side on which he lies.

CALC. PHOS. 30, 200

Colic from ice-creams, cold water or fruits.

Flatulent colic.

At every attempt to eat, colicky pain in abdomen.

Colic, soreness and burning around navel.

Cutting, pinching, sharp colic followed by diarrhea.

Better passing flatus.


Colic from cold, damp weather or from sudden change from hot to cold weather.

Cramping, cutting pain about navel followed by painful green slimy stools.

Colic as if diarrhea would occur.


Colic pains, first cramping then stitching in one or the other side of the abdomen.

Flatulent colic at night.

Twisting around the navel.

Drawing and pinching in the navel region.


Distention of abdomen with flatulence.

Fullness and continuous rumbling.

Cramping pains, worse after eating.

Better from bending double.

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