The presence of dark circles under your eyes is not always caused by fatigue; other causes include hollows under your eyes that form as you age or shadows cast by puffy eyelids. If you get enough sleep but still have dark circles under your eyes, that is not unusual.

The following are some of the most frequent causes of true under-eye circles: allergies, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, fatigue, hereditary factors (dark under-eye circles can run in families), pigmentation irregularities, rubbing or scratching the eyes, exposure to sunlight, thinning skin due to loss of fat and collagen, and thinning skin due to loss of collagen and elastin.


The person in need of Phosphoric Acid is extremely weak; if the weakness manifests in both the physical and mental planes, Phosphoric Acid is the remedy; the face of such a person appears pale; the eyes of such a person are surrounded by bluish rings; the person also appears to be very tired and fatigued. Weakness resulting from sexual excesses is another condition that Phosphoric Acid is excellent for treating.

FERRUM MET 30The face appears pale in anemic conditions, the veins under the eyes stand out prominently with a bluish appearance, and Ferrum Met is linked to anemia. The dark circles under the eyes are best resolved with the use of Ferrum Met, and this remedy can be used safely when the dark circles are linked to anemia. The face gives off a pale appearance with prominent dark circles around the eyes, and general weakness due to decreased blood is also noted in most people needing Ferrum Met.

CINA 30The majority of children needing this medication exhibit a marked irritability in their nature, are very cross and obstinate, and will not rest and let others rest until their demands are met. Along with the appearance of dark circles, this marked irritability and obstinacy also reaches the highest levels. Another complaint that can be present in children with dark rings is worm infestation. Cina is the best remedy for dark circles around eyes.

BERBERIS VULGARIS 30When the cheeks are sunken, the face has a pale tint, and there are blue rings around the eyes, Berberis Vulgaris is very helpful in treating these conditions.

ACETIC ACID 30When the face exhibits signs of weakness, such as a waxy coating, bluish circles surrounding the eyes, and sunken eyes, acetic acid is a good treatment.

LYCOPODIUM 200Otherwise, Lycopodium is a common treatment for gastric disorders, and is a great medicine if the face appears greyish yellow with bluish circles around the eyes.

NATRUM CARB 30When the eyes swell and have blue rings around them, Natrum Carb is a good homeopathic treatment.

PHOSPHORUS 30-Phosphorus is extremely beneficial in the treatment of under-eye circles that are bluish in appearance and give the face a sickly appearance.

SEPIA 30–Women who have dark rings under their eyes are typically prescribed sepia, and these women frequently have a history of irregular menstrual cycles. In addition to having dark rings under their eyes, they may also have chloasma, which is a black discoloration on the cheeks and nose.

CHINA 30-When blood loss from any part of the body occurs suddenly, whether as a result of trauma or an underlying tissue pathology in the body, China is used to treat anemia that results in dark circles under the eyes.

NATRUM MUR 30– Natrum Mur should be chosen over other remedies when the face appears shiny and oily with prominent dark rings around the eyes, the eyelids may also show swelling, and a craving for salty foods is present.

KALI PHOS 30The best supplement for people who are exhausted and stressed out with dark rings is Kali Phos. Kali Phos is the top medicine that acts as a proper remedy for people who need it and who are under depression with the appearance of dark circles.

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