Homeopathy Medicine for Itchy Bottom


About itchy bottom:

An intense urge to scratch the skin around your anus is the hallmark of itchy bottom (pruritus ani).

The anus is the exit point for solid waste from your body at the lower end of the digestive system.


Depending on the cause, anal irritation and itching may be momentary or more persistent, and they may be accompanied by redness, burning, and soreness.

Causes :

As an indication rather than a disease in and of itself, itchy bottom frequently has an underlying cause, such as:

  • a bacterial infection, like the streptococcal infections they cause
  • a skin condition that causes red, dry, and flaky skin, like atopic eczema
  • Hemorrhoids (piles) are enlargements of the anus that contain swollen, enlarged blood vessels.

Threadworms are frequently to blame for itchy bottoms in kids.

Itchy bottoms don’t always have a known cause, though.

Several factors can aggravate an itchy bottom:

  • heat
  • woolen clothing or blankets
  • moisture
  • soiling yourself
  • stress or anxiety.


Most of the time, it’s simple to alleviate an itchy bottom at home. Here are some suggestions:

  • dryness and cleanliness of the bottom
  • avoid using scented soaps
  • use soft toilet tissue
  • avoid scratching

Complications :

The delicate skin around your anus can become damaged or torn if you scratch your bottom a lot, which can cause issues like:

  • lichenification refers to thick, leathery skin.
  • skin that is ulcerated and rubbed raw
  • the wearing away of the skin’s top layer
  • infection

If the skin around your anus changes or feels painful, you should see your GP as soon as possible because the earlier these complications are identified and treated, the faster you’ll recover.

Chronic itchy bottom, which can last for extended periods of time if the cause of it cannot be found and treated, can make you feel ashamed, anxious, or depressed.

Your sleep may also be disturbed because the urge to scratch is frequently worse at night, which could contribute to your daytime fatigue.

If your itchy bottom is keeping you up at night, causing you to feel anxious or depressed, or if it’s preventing you from falling asleep, talk to your doctor.


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