Homeopathy Medicine for Nekam’s Disease


Nekam’s disease is a chronic, progressive skin condition that affects only a very small percentage of people between the ages of 20 and 40.

Nekam’s disease, also known as Keratosis lichenoideschronica, is a rare disease condition with only about 70 cases reported worldwide. It is a challenging disease to manage. Nekam first identified and studied this disease in 1938.

Causes :

It is not well understood what causes Nekam’s disease to manifest.

Body parts affected by Nekam’s disease:

Skin and mucocutaneous junctions, or the junction of skin and mucous membrane, are both affected by Nekam’s disease. Examples of these areas include the lips, mouth, corners of the eyes, genitalia, and others.

The trunk, hands, feet, buttocks, and other body parts are all affected by Nikam’s disease.

Symptoms :

  • Skin on the affected body part thickens abnormally, becomes red, and scales. These symptoms are indicative of Nekam’s disease.
  • In cases where it affects the mouth, oral ulcers appear.
  • On the genitalia, it can also result in ulcers.
  • Thick, ugly, and yellow-colored discoloration is a common nail problem.

Diagnosis :

A small sample of skin is removed from the area of the body that has the disease and sent for microscopic analysis in a skin biopsy, which aids in the diagnosis of the condition.

Homeopathy Treatment:

Although Nekam’s disease is a challenging condition to treat, homeopathic medicines can help slow the disease’s progression and lessen the severity of its symptoms, providing relief for the patient.

It is important to remember that because Nekam’s disease is a chronic illness, any type of medication may not provide relief for a very long time.

Homeopathic Medicine:

Borax, Merc Sol, and Nitric Acid.


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