Homeopathy Medicine for Pityriasis Rosea


It can affect any age group but most frequently occurs between the ages of 10 and 35. Pityriasis rosea is a benign rash that frequently affects otherwise healthy people, most frequently children and young adults, and can cause itching.


Pityriasis rosea is not thought to be contagious and its causes are unknown, though it could be brought on by certain viral infections.


Before the herald patch appears, some people experience headache, fatigue, fever, or sore throat. The herald patch is a large, slightly raised, scaly patch that appears on the back, chest, or abdomen.

Smaller, scaly spots that resemble pine trees may appear on the back, chest, or abdomen a few days to a few weeks after the herald patch appears, and the itching associated with the rash may be intense.


RHUS TOX :The best treatment for Pityriasis rosea, a skin condition characterized by burning eczematous eruptions, red, swollen eruptions, and intense itching with a propensity for scale formation.

BORAX :erysipelatous inflammation, swelling, tension, and intense itching and stinging pain are all symptoms of Pityriasia rosea with unhealthy skin.

ARSENIC ALBUM :Given when symptoms of pityriasis rosea worsen from cold and scratching, this medication is extremely helpful for the condition when there is itching, burning, and swelling. There is also a lot of anxiety and restlessness.

NATRUM ARSENICUM :Given when warmth and exercise make the itch worse, this medication is very helpful for Pityriasis rosea, which has red spots under thin white scales with intense itching.

RADIUM BROMIDE :When the body develops fiery red spots and there is intense burning and pain, it can be helpful for Pityriasis rosea.

RHUS VENENATA :When the skin is dark red in color, it is given as a treatment for Pityriasis rosea, which presents with erysipelaous skin and intense itching that is relieved by hot water.

TELLURIUM :Very effective for Pityriasis rosea, which causes lesions that are ring-shaped and emit an offensive odor from the area where they are present.


Or As Directed ny Physician.

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