Homeopathy Medicine for Sars


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS for short, is a respiratory illness that had never before been reported to the medical community; it originated in Guangdong Province in China, spread to Hanoi in Vietnam, and then reached Hong Kong in the United States. As of the first of April 2003, there had been about 70 cases reported in the US.

At least 79 people have contracted the virus in Canada, the worst-affected country outside of Asia, as of April 6, 2003, and Hong Kong has reported 39 new cases of SARS, bringing its total to 800 people infected. SARS has killed over 90 people and infected 2,300 people worldwide.

The medical world knows little about this condition, as it is a disease of recent origin. The World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a US Government recognized institute in Atlanta, have released information on SARS.


It should be noted that the link between SARS and the so-called coronavirus is still not fully understood, and there is a possibility that SARS could have causes other than the so-called coronavirus. The CDC has detected a virus called coronavirus, which was never found in humans before, in two patients suffering from SARS. Corona means a crown, so the virus has crown (=corona) like shape, hence labeled as Corona virus.


The symptoms are as follows, as seen in some patients assessed by the CDC and the WHO:

Within 2 to 7 days of infection, the patient may experience low-grade fever that may reach 100.4 or higher, chills, headache, body ache, malaise, and weakness. Since the virus appears to affect the respiratory tract, the patient may also experience difficulty breathing and respiratory distress.


A patient’s constitution, physical characteristics, and specific mental symptoms all play a role in how their homeopathic treatment will proceed.


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