SBL Bio Combination 15 (25g) : Helps Regulate Menses, scanty/profuse, Relieves pain, cramps during menses


Also known as

Bio Comb No. 15; BC 15; Bio Comb 15



90 (gms)


4.5 cm by 4.5 cm by 7 cm

SBL Bio Combination 15

BC 15- Irregular periods

Composition of SBL Bio Combination 15

  • – 3x Calcarea Phosphorica
  • Iron phosphoricum, 3x
  • 3x Kalium Phosphorum
  • 3x Kalium Sulfurum
  • 3x Magnesium Phosphoric Acid

Indications of SBL Bio Combination 15

  • irregular periods, which are bright red if they occur early or late, scarce in young girls and excessive in older women.
  • a painful period.

Action of Biochemic medicine in SBL Bio Combination 15

Calcarea phosphorica – 3x Pain in the back during with numbness, For anemia and imperfect blood circulation, it helps in regulating the menses.: Calcarea phosphorica – 3x Back pain and numbness, anemia, and poor blood circulation are treated with this herb, which also aids in controlling the menstrual cycle.

Ferrum phosphoricum – 3x Can help in great weakness/paralysis, Helps circulation of oxygen-rich blood.: Ferrum phosphoricum – 3x Aids in the circulation of blood that is oxygen-rich and can help with severe weakness or paralysis.

Kalium phosphoricum – 3x Menstruation too late or too scanty in pale, irritable, sensitive. Too profuse discharge, deep-red or blackish-red, thin and not coagulating; sometimes with offensive odor.: Menstruation that is too late or too scanty, in addition to being pale, irritable, and sensitive; excessive discharge that is deep-red or blackish-red in color, thin, and non-coagulating; and occasionally offensive in smell

Kalium sulphuricum – 3x Menses too late, scanty, with feeling of weight in abdomen.: Three too late, scant, and heaviness-inducing menstrual cycles are caused by kalium sulphuricum.

Magnesia phosphorica – 3x Menses too early, dark, stringy. Colic during menses, painful menstruation.: Magnesia phosphorica – 3x Early, dark, stringy menstruation that is painful and crampy.

Dosage of SBL Bio Combination 15

Four tablets per day for adults, or four times every three hours.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Brand SBL
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Biocombination Tablet
Price ₹ 95

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