SBL Coffea Cruda 30 CH (30ml) : sensitive to pains, toothache, dentition, cramps, twitching limbs


Also known as

caffeine cr



30 CH




82 (gms)


3.5 cm by 3.5 cm by 9.5 cm

Coffea Cruda(Dilution)

uncooked berry tincture.

Common Name: Coffee.

Causes & Symptoms for Coffea Cruda

  • a person’s ability to perceive pain with great sensitivity.
  • Noise and hearing sensitivity make pains worse.
  • Emotions or ferociously excited mental states trigger the Coffea state.
  • In cold weather, complaints increase due to the chilly air.
  • Coffea relieves many complaints brought on by excessive fatigue and lengthy travel.
  • Coffea Cruda helps to alleviate complaints about anemic kids during dentition.

Body and Mind

excessive sobbing and mourning over trivial matters, as well as fear of pleasant surprises that come out of the blue.

Despair sets in as a result of the unbearable pain.

Coffea is effective at clearing up head congestion, particularly when speaking.

Headaches caused by coffee that feel like the brain has been bruised and are made worse by movement (e.g., walking)

nose, ear, and eyes

With vibrant, red eyes and remarkably sharp vision

With a tingling or bubbling sensation in the head, the ears are buzzing, ringing, or roaring.

The head was heavy and there was nose bleeding.

Throat and Mouth

Cold weather and the resulting cold air are to blame for complaints, which include mouth and jaw pain that is relieved by gargling with ice-cold water.

It is a sign of deep-seated jaw pain in toothaches and headaches.

Experiencing cold, feeling emotions, being excited, or experiencing joy can all cause severe dental pain that tears, rends, and tears teeth.

Holding cold water in the mouth to completely relieve a neuralgic toothache and returning as the water warms up is a sign of coffea cruda.

throat discomfort that is extremely painful.

belly and stomach

stomach cramps that are accompanied by sharp pains.

With hurried, accelerated eating, caffeine is a sign of hunger.

With coffea, you can get relief from colic, which feels like your stomach is overstuffed and that it will explode with pain and sensitivity to touch.

Anus and Stool

Coffea Cruda is effective in treating children’s diarrhoea during dentition.

women’s grievances

Coffea Cruda is characterized by a high level of sensitivity in the female genital system and general excitability.

Coffea Cruda relieves large black lumps around the vulva that are swollen, itchy, bleeding, and overly sensitive.

issues that men have

Strong genital irritability accompanied by dry body heat but no semen emission.


The soles of the feet tremble, and there are cramps in the hands and fingers.

With coffee, limb twitching can be relieved.


Coffea is indicated by intense stinging, burning, and heat-accompanied skin redness, heat, and coarse rash that appear and disappear suddenly.


Sleeplessness, jitteriness, neuralgia, twitching of the muscles, toothache, headache, red face, and heat intolerance.

In patients with caffeine addiction, a small amount of wine increases anxiety and causes restlessness, facial flushing, fever, and intense excitement.

Coffee improves cognitive function.

Intense pains are experienced, which makes people feel hopeless and makes them want to cry.

Side effects of Coffea Cruda

Although there are no such side effects, it is still important to take each medication according to the instructions.

Even if you are taking other forms of medication, such as those obtained through allopathy, ayurveda, etc., it is safe to take the medication.

The effectiveness of other medications is never hampered by homeopathic remedies.

Dosage and rules while taking Coffea Cruda

Three times per day, mix five drops in a half cup of water.

The globules can also be used as medicine; take them as directed by your doctor, usually three times per day.

We advise you to use medical advice when taking.

Precautions while taking Coffea Cruda

If you take medication, make sure to wait 15 minutes between eating and taking it.

Consult a homeopathic doctor prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing.

While taking medication, refrain from consuming alcohol or tobacco.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

Brand SBL Dilutions
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Dilution
Potency 30 CH / 30CH
Price ₹ 80

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