Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha (450ml) : For fistula, piles, Skin Diseases like Itching, Redness, Skin Rashes, Boils, Acne and Pimples.

About Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha

Indicated in skin conditions, rheumatoid arthritis (vaat-rakta), Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis caused by a dysfunction of the cranial nerve), and other conditions, Mahamanjishthadi Kadha is a poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine. Kashaya are decoctions (Kadha) of medicinal herbs, and these preparations are very effective in managing Vaat-vikar associated with Kapha do

Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha Ingredients

  • Rubia cordifolia, commonly known as manjishta
  • Cyperus rotundus, the musta
  • Antidysenterica holarrhena Kutaja
  • Tinospora cordifolia, or “guduchi,”
  • Saussurea lappa, Kushta
  • Ginger – Nagara
  • Clerodendron serratum, known as Bharngi
  • Solanum xanthocarpum, also known as Kshudra
  • A corus calamus is a vacha.
  • Nimba – Indigenous Azadirachta
  • Turmeric, or Haridra
  • Berberis aristata, a Daruharidra species
  • The three components of triphala are amla (Emblica officinalis), haritaki (Terminalia chebula), and vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica).
  • Trichosanthes dioica/Luffa acutangula, also known as patola
  • Picrorrhiza kurroa, Katuka
  • Marsdenia tenacissima – Murva
  • Embelia Ribes in Vidanga
  • Pterocarpus marsupium as a pose
  • Plumbago zeylanica Chitraka
  • Racemosus asparagus and shatavari
  • Gentiana-Trayamana Kurroo
  • The long pepper of Krishna
  • Antidysenteric Holarrhena Indrayava
  • Vasa – Vasica Adhatoda
  • Eclipta alba – Bhringaraja
  • Cedrus deodara – Mahadaru
  • Cissampelos pariera – Cyclea peltata
  • Khadira is a type of acacia.
  • Santalum album by Chandana
  • Operculina turpethum, also known as Trivrit
  • Crataeva Nurvala – Varuna
  • Swertia Chirata – Kiratatikta
  • Psoralea corylifolia in Bakuchi
  • kritamala – fistula of cassia
  • Shakhotaka – Asper asper
  • Melia Azadirach, aka Mahanimba
  • Pongamia pinnata – Karanja
  • Aconitum heterophyllum is tivisha.
  • Pavonia aromatica Jala
  • Citrullus cholocynthis in Indravaruni
  • Hemidesmus indicus and Ananta
  • Indian Hemidesmus Sariva
  • Parpata – Indian mugwort

Indication of Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha

  • Kushtha
  • Kshudrakushtha
  • Vrana
  • Daha
  • Upadansha
  • Phirang
  • Shleepada
  • Medoroga
  • Vatarakta

Uses as per Ayurveda of Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha

  • assists in reducing skin itch and burning.
  • helps to make skin more even in tone.
  • encourages wound healing
  • supports the removal of blood flow obstructions.
  • facilitates body fat reduction.
  • aids in blood purification and body waste removal.
  • reduces joint pain caused by contaminated blood air.
  • provides for a healthy and lustrous complexion.
  • helps athletes with their cracked, scaly, itchy skin between their toes.
  • aids in the management of female vaginal discharge that is white and pungent smelling.
  • helps both men and women manage the burning sensation that comes with urination.
  • aids in reducing the tingling and numbness that are frequently felt in the arms, legs, feet, and fingers.
  • aids in reducing the growth of rough, painless skin.

Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha Of Dosage

  • In most cases, 2-4 teaspoons of kadha should be mixed with an equal amount of water.

Precautions For Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishthadi Kadha

1. This medication should only be used by diabetics and people with high blood pressure.

2. Prevent children from getting access to it.

3. Maintain in a dry, cool environment.

4. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take the medication.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Brand Dhootapapeshwar
Remedy Type Ayurvedic
Country of Origin India
Form Factor Liquid
Price ₹ 192

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