Homeopathic Remedies for Neurasthenia (Nervous Debility)


Neurasthenia (Nervous Debility)

This is a condition of general lowering of energy and capacity to do fatigue, resulting in slow recuperative power and enfeeblement of all the bodily functions. It also follows from great mental exertion and interferes greatly with the mental exercise. The symptoms are: —headache, giddiness, palpitation, deficient hearing power, indigestion, loss of appetite or relish for food; sleeplessness, mental depression, unnecessary fears and anxieties; loss of memory; pallor, etc. The causes are Strains of modem civilization, over- indulgence in tea, tobacco, alcohol or other intoxicants excessive flooding, repeated pregnancies, etc.


Patient now cries, now rejoices and is weak; Ignatia 6. Flatulent distention of abdomen, constipation, much mucus in stools—Argent. Nitric. 30. Deficient memory from excessive venery—Anacardium 3. Exhaustion from too close business application, fatigue on light exertion, backache-Picric Acid 6. Aggravation after waking from sleep-Lachesis 6.

Chamomilla 12, Ambra Grisea 30, Pulsatilla 6, Hyoscyamus 3, Kali Bromatum 6, Zincum 6, Bryonia 3, Platina 30, Phosphoric Acid. Gelsemium 3, Moschus 6 are to be used according to their indications.

Open-air-life, plenty of rest and sleep, massage, gentle exercise, wholesome food are all very necessary. Hypnotism may be tried.

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