Homeopathy Medicine for Lumbar Spondylitis


Inflammation of the lumbar (lower vertebral) spine, also known as spondylitis or lumbar spondylitis, can range in severity from mild to severe, causing a variety of symptoms.


A deformity of the spine over time, as well as symptoms of varying degrees of pain and stiffness, may accompany the symptoms of restricted back mobility and interfere with day-to-day activities.


Ankylosing Spondylitisis a similar condition that is more severe and is associated with the HLA-B-27 gene; it is thought to be an auto-immune disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritisis a similar condition that more frequently impacts the numerous and frequently large joints, such as the knee, shoulder, fingers, and back.


Homeopathydoes offer effective treatment for this condition, with the goal of reducing inflammation and stiffness and easing life’s discomfort.** Homeopathic medicines are also used to address the underlying process that causes such chronic inflammation.

RHUS TOX :In addition, they are advised in cases of lumbar spondylosis following injury.

BRYONIA ALBA :When walking or even turning in bed aggravates lower back pain from lumbar spondylosis, it is very helpful to take this medication. Complete rest also relieves the pain. There is also lower back stiffness that gets worse when standing and sitting.

AESCULUS :The most effective treatments for lumbar spondylosis are those that help patients get up from a sitting position without excruciating pain, especially when there is weakness or lameness in the low back that makes it difficult to get up.

PHOSPHORUS :Useful when back pain is accompanied by a burning sensation in the spine, a feeling that the back might give way under the strain of the pain, and a sense of weakness.


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