Homeopathy Medicine for Tinea Alba


Tinea alba, a self-limiting and non-contagious skin condition with round or oval hypopigmented patches on the face and very fine scales that typically affects children and young adults, is of unknown cause.


Tinea alba has an unidentified cause.

Triggering factors:

  • Humid climate

  • Heat

  • Detergent and soaps

  • Stress

  • Dry skin

  • calcium and vitamin deficiency

  • Worms and parasites ### Symptoms:

    Round or oval, hypopigmented patches (1-4 cm) primarily on the face with very fine scales are the main symptoms, which primarily affect children and young adults. Occasionally, mild itching may also be present.

    Commonly affected parts:

    • Cheeks
    • Around the mouth
    • Forehead
    • Chin
    • Chest and shoulders

    Even though the condition typically lasts six to twelve months or longer without treatment, Pityriasis Alba typically resolves after puberty or by the time the child reaches adulthood. Pityriasis Alba gets worse in the summer, becoming more noticeable as the skin tans in the surrounding area due to sun exposure.

    Homeopathic approach for the treatment of Pityriasis Alba:

    BACILLINUM 200Itching that is intense, worse at night and in cool air, and scales that resemble brant are all symptoms of dry, harsh, sensitive skin.

    ARSENICUM ALBUM 6Useful when there is intense anxiety and restlessness, burning, swelling, itching, and a desire for small amounts of water frequently. These symptoms are made worse by cold and scratching.

    NATRUM MURIATICUM 30Natrum muriaticum is useful for treating Pityriasis alaba, which manifests as dry skin and raw mucous membranes and is made worse by salt consumption.

    SULPHUR 200—Sulphur is prescribed for Pityriasis alba patients who have dry, scaly, unhealthy skin, intolerable itching, particularly at night when they become warm in bed, a heat sensation in their bodies, a dislike of bathing, and a strong desire for sweets.

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