Homeopathic Remedies for Stiff-Neck

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In this affection the neck becomes painful and stiff and often bent on one side. The patient is unable to move the neck.


Aconite 3β€” (Useful in the first stage). There are fever, restlessness, and aggravation of pain on exposure to cold.

Lachnanthes 3β€”Neck is bent on right side and patient sweats much. Stiff-neck, head drawn to one side. Tearing in upper part of arm and in elbow-joint.

Belladonna Ɵ-3xβ€” Comes and goes suddenly.

Cimicifuga 3x, Bryonia 3β€”Almost a specific; pain is severe but is relieved by pressure.

Magnesia Phos. 2xβ€”6x (frit.)β€”To be taken with hot water. Useful in acute and chronic cases Dr. Macnish used it for 18 months in a case with very happy results.

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