Allium Cepa 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Comprehensive-symptoms and main-diseases of Allium Cepa

(1) New inflammatory-cold of the inner-membranes of the body parts; Watery discharge from nose and eyes
(2) Headache due to cold or off menses
(3) Stomach-ache due to soaking feet from cold, eating raw vegetable salad
(4) earache
(5) Prolonged, string-like sciatic nerve pain
(6) Nerve pain after cutting a limb

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction of disease in cold room
(ii) Reduction of disease in open air

increase in symptoms

(i) increase in closed, heated room
(ii) Increase in disease mainly in the evening

(1) Newly-inflammatory cold of the internal-membrane of the body parts, flowing water from the nose and eyes – Allium cepa is called onion. It is the experience of all of us that when raw onion is cut, then due to its juice, water starts flowing from the nose and eyes like a cold. According to the belief of homeopathy, the medicine which produces the symptoms in a healthy person, when those symptoms are present in the disease, by giving it in a small amount – by potentiating it – removes those symptoms. Allium cepa is a parable understandable to all.

Thinning of the nose, and sticking to the place where it flows, its main symptom is – the main symptom of its cold is that the water of the nose starts where it flows on the lips, causes irritation, makes that place red . In this water also comes out from the eyes, but the water from the nose touches the skin, the water coming out of the eyes does not touch the cheeks, does not peel off the skin. It is compared with Euphrasia in colds.

The cold of Allium cepa is felt on the nose and not on the eyes, the cold of Euphrasia is not on the nose, it is felt on the eyes – in the cold of both Cepa and Euphrasia, water flows from both the eyes and the nose, but in both of them from each other The reverse process occurs. The water of the cold of Sipa is irritating to the nose, the water of the eye does not scorch the eye; The cold water of Euphrasia irritates the eye, not the nose.

The cold starts from the left nostril and moves to the right side – Sipa’s cold starts from the left nostril. Chilling water flows on that side, the nose gets stuffy, and within 24 hours this condition also occurs on the right side. Why this happens – cannot be said, but it is found in the cold of Sepa.

(2) Headache due to cold – It is said about its nature that its patient likes open air, likes cold, his complaints increase in closed room, his complaints increase in the evening also. Due to this nature, when the patient has a headache with a cold of Sipa, then even in that headache, the patient likes cold air, wants to roam outside the room in the cold, and as soon as he comes to the warm room, his headache again. gets started. In Euphrasia and Pulsatilla also, the discomfort is aggravated by coming into a warm room, but in the cold of Euphrasia there is a watery cold and tingling in the eye, in the cold of Pulsatilla there is a yellow, thick cold.

Headache disappears when menstruation starts, starts when menstruation stops – In women, headache stops at the onset of menstruation and headache starts when menstruation stops. symptoms. This symptom is also found in Lachesis and Zincum. In addition to this symptom of Lachesis, the main symptoms are increased discomfort after sleeping etc. and the main symptom of Zincum is suffering from diseases of the spinal cord and nerves. By the way, headache or other pain goes away with the onset of menstruation in Lachesis and Zicum metallicum. It is not proper to decide the medicine on just this one symptom. In homeopathy, the combination of maximum symptoms of the patient with maximum symptoms of the medicine is the proper way to choose the medicine.

(3) Stomach ache due to soaking in cold water, overeating, eating raw greens-vegetables-salad – Sometimes stomach-ache occurs due to soaking of feet, and stomach-ache due to overeating. Yes, eating cucumber and other raw vegetables causes stomach ache. If this pain increases by sitting and decreases by walking, then cepa is the best medicine in this symptom. In this pain the child becomes double. Often common people also use raw thirst in stomach-ache, due to which the air in the stomach becomes calm.

(4) Ear pain – Those who keep a box of homeopathic medicines in the house, it is necessary to have three medicines for ear pain. They are Pulsatilla, Chamomilla and Allium cepa. Pulsatilla is a famous medicine for colic. It has a special relationship with the ear. Pulsatilla works wonders in the earache of such soft-natured children when the child is moaning with pitiful earache. Children who are irritable, give whatever is given to them, give it to the nurse’s mouth, chamomilla is suitable for them in earache. If earache is caused by a cold from cepa, Allium cepa will soothe the pain. In homes too, onions are often tied in earache by heating them.

(5) Long, string-like neurological pain like sciatica, etc. – In the face, in the head, in the neck, in the chest, sometimes pain starts in a nerve (nerve), which is long like a string. Appears in all parts of the nerve. Such pain can also occur in any part of the body. Such pain is found in sciatica. Sometimes there is pain in the form of a thread in the arm.

(6) Traumatic neuritis after the bite of a limb – If the hand, foot or any part of the body has to be amputated for a specific reason, then sometimes there is severe colic in any vein, unbearable pain. He is pacified by Allium Cepa.

Other symptoms of the drug Allium cepa

(i) If the patient has a strong desire to eat raw onion, and cannot take any other nutritious food, then this is also a symptom.
(ii) Such a cough in which the patient holds his throat while coughing – it is felt that the throat is cooked from inside.
(iii) Feeling of soreness in the feet, especially in the heel of the foot due to the rubbing of shoes or any other kind.
(iv) It is necessary to distinguish between sepa and aconite. Aconite cannot replace Seepa. Symptoms of aconite include the child went out in a dry cold, and in the middle of the night with chills, with fever and cough, the child wakes up and takes hold of the throat; There is no question of getting dry cold in Seepa, cold is predominant in it, but in that too the child catches the throat while coughing because it feels ripe, it hurts.

Potency and nature – It is a short-acting medicine like aconite. Original extracts, 3, 6, 30; (The medicine is for ‘Hot’ patient)

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